Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue

Offering a platform to share stories makes all the difference. Four Drunk Parrots heard the Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue South Coast Branch was in need of a website to spread their mission. Four Drunk Parrots crafted a digital space for the wildlife rehab nonprofit to educate Eastern Australian communities on the rescue & volunteer stories and processes. Within six months of this initiative, the Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue received over $200,000 in donations.

About Australian Seabird and Turtle Rescue

Why did we choose this nonprofit organisation to support?


The Australian Seabird & Turtle Rescue have a mission to minimise the impact of humans on the environment by rescuing  and rehabilitating seabirds and marine reptiles. We feel that this is extremely important work and want to support their cause. The organisation was facing closure when they came to us and we desperately wanted to ensure that this outcome was avoided so they could continue their important work on the shoreline.

Our  intention was to build a website that enables the organisation to tell all the amazing stories that they collect over the year but also to give them a digital space where they can collect donations and educate the general public about what’s happening to the wildlife and their habitats. So we got to work and then found out that the Australian Seabird Rescue also needed a learning management system for their 40+ volunteers. So we included the  installation of an e-learning platform to onboard volunteers and ensure the standards of animal care are taught before a volunteer starts working at the organisation. 


How did we help


Our task was to produce a visually appealing and functional website that met the increasing needs of the organisation. As you can imagine, the organisation has some powerful stories to share with the world. There is a whole community on the East Coast of Australia that is involved in rescuing, caring and rehabilitating turtles, seabirds and sea snakes. When someone finds an injured or stranded animal, they bring it to the local Turtle and Seabird Rescue Hospital knowing that the 40+ volunteers will take good care of the poor creature. Often people also want to donate to the hospital and its operations, they want to learn what they can do to help and of course, they want to know what happened to the animal they brought. A website is a great medium to tell the story of a rescued animal but also about the amazing people behind the scenes. 



We also learned the improved website significantly increased the fundraising potential of the organisation. Within 6 months of the website being online, the organisation has received over $200,000 in donations so far. 

The increased income allowed ASR to carry out a long overdue capital works program to extend the capacity of their turtle hospital and improve the filtration and quality of the water they’re using for their patients. With the completion of these works, the capacity of the hospital will increase from 30 patients to 40 and they will be able to build the first specialist treatment area for sea snakes.


The improved web design and subsequent increase in funds will also allow ASR to install audio visual equipment in their education centres to enhance the experience for visitors with hearing and mobility issues. They will also be rebuilding their aviary and refurbishing their education centre to allow for a disabled toilet, new presentation materials and increased office space.

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