Four Drunk Parrots is based on the banks of the Richmond River in beautiful Northern NSW. Born on a palm plantation in the nearby rolling hills, caring for our planet has been part of our ethos from the beginning.

We believe environmental sustainability is an ongoing journey to become better – we can always improve. We continue to review how our business impacts on the environment, and we intend to keep raising the bar. This sustainability statement is part of our transparency.

Our commitment is as follows:

  • Continue to educate ourselves about how to minimise our environmental impact, both as a business and as individual team members.
  • Minimise the waste associated with conducting business operations.
  • Minimise our carbon footprint as a business and as a team.
  • Care for our water, as the precious resource that it is.
  • Encourage our clients, suppliers and communities to be aware of environmental issues and how they can contribute positively.
  • Make our purchases with sustainability in mind, prioritised alongside price.
  • Turn our food waste into compost.
  • Support and promote local businesses.

As a B Corp hopeful, we also commit to producing an Impact Report that outlines the specifics of our measuring and reducing efforts. You can read more about that in an upcoming post. In the meantime, this sustainability statement is our line in the sand.

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