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Case Study - CMO Services - How to make your law firm stand out. With an increasing amount of legal practices saturating the market year after year, now more than ever it is imperative to have a clear measurable marketing strategy in place to ensure you are getting the desired type/amount of clients for your firm. You can achieve both of these goals with a few easy steps.  

About Beek & Gallagher

Why a beautiful website makes all the difference

As a law practice, it is necessary to have a user-friendly website to showcase your practice without delving into the complexities law entails.

For one of our clients in particular, Beek & Gallagher, we created their website with a very specific design in mind. A beautiful interface with easy access to the services on offer.

One of the main requirements opt-in/lead capture functionality to drive more inquiries.

Furthermore, their previous website was not mobile optimised which we solved with the rebuild of the site.

How did we help


At 4DP we want all of our clients to shine above all others within their field. That is why we decided to use emotive pictures to correlate to the services the law firm offered.

We wanted the clients to connect with Beek & Gallagher and create the feeling of trust between the two. It was important to them that people understand their philosophy and core values as a practice. They wanted to convey through the website they are a family-owned practice, that have an extra focus on their personal approach, local interest and show you and your family genuine care.

We designed the website with this in mind.

With a modern feel the website still feels personable and approachable, and we strayed away from the more traditional corporate looking websites most law firms have.

An important aspect of a user friendly website is having clear and succinct copy to go with it. As a law firm you specialise in deciphering the law and your clients need to be able to interpret the services you offer on your website. That’s where we come in, by working closely with your firm our web designer can ensure your customers have a seamless experience and set up a website that reflects your practice’s ethos.

Since Beek and Gallagher went live with their new website, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of traffic directed to their website.

Organic traffic has increased by 59% and referral traffic has increased by 200%.

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