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Pocket Herbs is an esteemed provider of microgreens, bush foods, and gourmet leaf varieties. Their mission is to offer fresh, healthy, and sustainable produce that adds optimal freshness, flavor, and crunch to culinary creations. Pocket Herbs sets itself apart from traditional grocery store suppliers by adopting sustainable agricultural practices, including rainwater collection, water recycling, renewable energy sources, and the use of non-GMO seeds.

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Project Objective:

The goal of the project was to launch a marketing campaign coinciding with the release of Pocket Herbs’ new microgreen sleeve packaging and drive sales in Coles stores. The campaign aimed to create awareness, generate brand loyalty, and educate consumers on the benefits of microgreens. Key objectives included increasing in-store sales, leveraging online-to-offline strategies, and developing reusable campaign materials for sustained engagement.

Video/Photo Shoot:

The video/photo shoot focused on showcasing Pocket Herbs’ leading micro herbs: vein and lemon balm. The footage was captured in a way that allowed for horizontal and vertical utilization across various platforms. A Corrabell house served as the shooting location, with Nell Compte overseeing production, including filming, lighting, sound, food preparation assistance, photography, post-production, music licensing, talent management, and extras. Two shoot options were considered, each with its respective outputs and investment.


The collaboration between Pocket Herbs and our team resulted in an impactful marketing campaign to promote their microgreens through innovative packaging and engaging content. By targeting health-conscious consumers and leveraging online and offline channels, Pocket Herbs successfully increased brand visibility and drove sales in Coles stores. The compelling visuals and educational content resonated with the target audience, fostering brand loyalty and establishing Pocket Herbs as a go-to provider of fresh, sustainable, and nutrient-rich microgreens.

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