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How to grow your email database

Despite what everyone says, email marketing is still a popular tool to reach more clients and increase sales. After all, it offers up to 4,000% ROI. If you’re struggling to grow your email database then know that you’re not alone. Businesses often find it hard to...

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What is the Net Promoter Score?

Content: What is the NPS? How many reminders should you send when asking for a review? How many email reminders should you send to complete an online survey? But which survey tool to use? Our conclusion.   Collecting customer feedback is crucial for all sized...

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Facebook Preventative Health 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, millions of Americans are missing out on preventative care. There is a fairly new concept created by Facebook to try and address this concerning problem. By combining Facebook user information with the...

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The effects of Social Media and Coronavirus 

History has shown us what a strong impact pandemics can have upon not only health but the economy as well and whilst this isn’t the first pandemic in the social media age it is certainly the most prominent of them. Swine flu, Ebola and the Zika outbreak was also...

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Going Back to Work After Having a Baby

So, you had a baby and you’ve given your body the rest it needed and it’s now time to get back to work. According to reports, about 25% of women in the US return to work 10 days after giving birth. On the other hand, about 33% of women do not return to work after...

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SEO for Creatives

SEO for Creatives Content creation is embedded with creativity and as such when creatives come across SEO it can feel overwhelming. This is due to SEO being seen as a technical skill and the daunting reputation it is perceived as having. Navigating through the...

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Preparing for business not as usual

In life and in business, we often face uncertainty. However, it is rare that we all face the same level of uncertainty at the same time. The last time the world collectively faced a common threat of this scale was the global financial crisis (GFC) of 2007-2008. We...

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AI Marketing Predictions: What to Expect

Artificial intelligence has taken over the world so we have summarised the latest AI Marketing Predictions and what to expect. While we're far from computers coming to life, we can expect a lot more to happen in 2020 and beyond. Currently, AI is mainly used to get the...

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Pregnant and CEO? These Women Prove it’s Possible

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase that can sadly force some women to take a break from work. Back in the day, it was the norm to take leave during pregnancy.

However, things have now changed and women all around the world are proving that pregnancy or motherhood is not a hurdle in your career. 

Let’s have a look at three women who went on to continue to lead companies while pregnant:

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PR / MARKETING INTERNSHIP Overview4DP provides opportunities for students and young professionals looking for internship experience in the competitive career fields of marketing, public relations, sales marketing, and advertising. A marketing internship experience can...

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ADA law and E-commerce

Do you have a Shopify store and sell to an US audience? You might need to look at some legal changes on how to promote your brand over there. Similar to the GPDR in Europe, the Americans are tightening the rules and this time have a special emphasis on how your...

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Giving Back to Our Community: Sourdough Mentoring

When our CEO Sonja Ceri started Four Drunk Parrots, one of her key motivators was giving back to the community.

Mentoring other business owners and entrepreneurs via the Sourdough Business Pathways Mentoring Program has proven a perfect way to achieve this. Sonja has been mentoring through Sourdough since September 2019 and loves the opportunity to meet and help other local business owners.

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The True Cost of a Bad Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy is crucial for your business. It’s your masterplan to reach your target audience and turn them into customers. It’s a document that lays out your course to achieve your organisational objectives. It lays down your brand core values, voice,...

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What Exactly is an Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound marketing is a strategic way to bring customers to you. You grow your business by providing valuable content. Unlike outbound, you attract your customers instead of interrupting them.  Simply put, inbound marketing is a better way to grow. In a world of...

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