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Is Your Vet Website Mobile Optimised

In 2019, everyone is glued to a smartphone. Even kittens are tech-savvy these days... which is why you need to make sure your website is mobile optimised. As Google explains “people carry their devices everywhere they go and constantly use them to search”. So it is no...

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Cat Got Your Tongue: Social Media Ideas for Vets

It can be hard to come up with social media ideas when you’ve got your hands full running a busy vet clinic. If your social media’s looking more like a dog’s breakfast than the cat’s pyjamas, we have compiled some quick pet industry specific content ideas and tips to...

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The Advantages of Vet Content Marketing

Everyone loves their animals, they’re part of your family so as a vet practice you are already ahead of the game when it comes to content creation. Pet owners want to read what you have to say as they have endless questions about their pets health and well being....

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10 NO GO’S at an Office Christmas Party

We are all looking forward to the most wonderful time of the year. Everywhere are lights covering houses, you hear “Last Christmas” on the radio and there is soooooo much good food in December. Well, and it’s also the time of the year where you celebrate with your...

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Growth Hacking

We’d like to introduce Four Drunk Parrots (4DP) – a marketing consultancy working with clients of all sizes, from companies with million-dollar turnovers, to celebrities, to small and mid-sized businesses who are looking to get to that next level, but don’t know which...

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Why Vets Should Invest In Digital Marketing

Digital media is everywhere. Phones seem to have become an extended part of our body and we incorporate the online world seamlessly into our daily life. It might have started as something of the younger generation - it’s become unavoidable these days across all...

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Google My Business for Vet Practices

Do you have a business? Then you want to be found online. This is no different for a vet practice. The days that people looked up services in a phone book are long behind us. These days, a quick Google search points us in the right direction. And that’s where you want...

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Measuring ROI for Vet Practices

If you have been investing in marketing for your vet practice, it’s important to keep track of its results. How have your efforts in a given marketing program impacted your revenue or sales? Have you attracted new customers or created brand awareness? In other words,...

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Are Digital Ads Spammy?

Can you believe it? It has been already 20 years since the introduction of banner ads! But the excitement about digital ads is long gone. Nowadays people often mentally block digital banners when browsing the internet.   A lot has changed over the years. Ads evolved...

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A/B Testing With Facebook Posts

Exciting news for us marketers: Facebook is experimenting with A/B testing for its posts. This will give all Social Media Managers the opportunity to test and evaluate their Facebook content, so they can make better educated decisions when deciding on their content...

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The impact of FOMO on online shopping

Ever wondered why there are only 3 seats left on the airplane when booking an airfare? Or why 4 other people are watching the same item you just looked up in the online store? Online retails are using these ‘live’ cues to sway our purchasing decisions. Learn what’s happening behind the scenes and how you can apply the same techniques to your online business.

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How To Create A Killer Content Strategy

“Content is king” - a slogan marketers have lived by in recent years. Whether you’re a TV celebrity, a small start-up or a multi-million dollar corporation, chances are high that you’ve heard of the importance of content marketing. And with that in mind we started to...

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