Mobility and Wellness

two people in wheel chairs supplied by mobility and wellness


Mobility and Wellness are passionate about helping people living with a disability to live their best lives. They specialise in providing high quality mobility aiding products to help disabled, elderly, and people post-surgery live independently. They offer a wide variety of products including mobility scooters, wheelchairs, crutches, walking frames, exercise and rehabilitation equipment, just to name a few!

Mobility and Wellness
Supplier of mobility aids
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How Did 4DP Help

Before Mobility and Wellness found Four Drunk Parrots they worked with several other agencies and freelancers with poor outcomes. Like many of our clients, Mobility and Wellness had been burnt and had lost trust in marketers and advertising in general.

We soon turned that around.

Working with the Mobility and Wellness team we started planning creative and copy for our first Facebook ads campaign. In their first month with us we increased their sales by 64%. In the following month we increased their sales again by 63%! Since then we’ve been averaging 5-8 times Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

They got awesome and consistent results which is great but even better they found a partner in us. Together we collaborate on creatives, sales tactics, and targeting. We test, fail, test, win – and overall, have fun while doing so.

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