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Case Study - Geographic Segmentation. Dirtgirlworld is an Australian/Canadian children’s television show currently screened on ABC Kids Australia and CBeebies Australia most days. For more visit their website here:

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Four Drunk Parrots was asked to help out with some tricky targeting and geographic segmentation for a Facebook advertising campaign. The latest biosecurity campaign that was developed in collaboration with the Agricultural Ministry of the Australian Government was trying to reach multiple, very niche target markets, such as teachers, travellers in remote Australian areas and Grey Nomads.

We spent some time investigating the allocated areas and trying to find ways to target them through Facebook. Considering that the target audience won’t have great internet reception and will only pass through townships every couple of hundred kms, you can imagine how difficult this task would have been. The idea they wanted to promote is to make people aware of not bringing fruits across state borders as they can contain fruit flies and other little nasty’s that can be quite harmful to vulnerable ecosystems.  Without giving away too much, this was probably one of the trickiest audience targeting assignments we have ever done to date.

How did we help


The Results

We provided a detailed report for several different audiences on how to target the locations, interests, age and gender to ensure they would reach the right people at the right time and what potential size these audiences would be and where in Facebook networks they should be displaying these ads.

Geographic segmentation and targeting is extremely useful to really utilise and get the most out of your budget and ensure you are sending your content out to the right people. Blasting everywhere in the hopes you will get to your people isn’t as successful and making sure you’re ad reaches that Grey Nomad travelling through Mount Isa where they have stopped for supplies on their journey to the Red Centre.

Here is an example of the teachers targeting:

Recommendation: Targeting via Instagram newsfeed, Instagram stories and Facebook stories.

Targeting: 23-45 years, male & female.

Locations:  See above.

Reach: up to 13,000


Job title:

  • Mathematics Teacher
  • Math Teacher
  • Music Teacher
  • Art Teacher
  • Rural School Teacher
  • Rural Teacher


  • Head teacher
  • Teacher
  • Substitute teacher
  • Science teacher
  • TeacherTube
  • The Teacher’s Corner
  • WeAreTeachers
  • Rural Education
  • Rural school
  • Outback schooling
  • School of the Air

Fields of Study:

  • Bachelor of Education – Elementary
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
  • Education level > University graduate

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Geographic targeting in Australia

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