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Case Study - Website Migration, Landing Pages, Copywriting

About Enova Community Energy Ltd

As Australia’s first community-owned energy provider, Enova also supports local communities and gives back via energy efficiency, education and community projects.

Enova came to Four Drunk Parrots seeking support in relation to a HubSpot website migration. As HubSpot experts and marketers with an aspiration to become B Corp Certified, teaming up with Enova was a no-brainer. We are honestly committed to supporting local brands, our community and protecting our planet – so is Enova.

How did we help


Enova’s decision to migrate their website from WordPress to HubSpot was the next stage of evolution for the company, however the migration came with a range of challenges. This was when 4DP got involved.


Our team reviewed the entire site and conducted a thorough inspection to ensure the WordPress website was correctly migrated to HubSpot. This included reviewing every page and identifying discrepancies so they could be fixed before the new site was published. The migration had affected some of the site’s content so our role was to find and fix all discrepancies, so the website is as impressive as possible prior to launch.

HTML5 Boilerplates

The next important element was to optimise performance and find any remaining improvements to make the site even better.  As a new site, it was also necessary to ensure the highest quality for Enova’s landing pages moving forward. 4DP built new HTML5 boilerplates that help automate web performance optimisation.

Content Marketing and Key Content Pages

Separately Enova also requested 4DP to create a key content page, all about community energy. The page is intended to convey all the necessary information for anyone looking to learn about community energy. This involved research, copywriting and some graphic design. The pillar page is still underway and is launching to the public soon!

Triple Switch Campaign

Enova Energy just recently announced a new campaign Triple Switch in collaboration with Bank Australia and Australian Ethical Super, the brands we love and use for our business and in our personal lives. We are stoked to be part of this journey and help Enova Energy with custom-built landing pages and custom-built blog templates. You can review our work and sign up for the Triple Switch here.

Enova Energy

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