Jai Ho Beer

From marketing strategy to brand refresh, HubSpot set up to website build, designing merchandise and packaging, and even influencer marketing! Jai Ho chose to work with 4DP because they knew we could do it all, and do it well.

About Jai Ho Beer

One of the most exciting projects we worked on during the pandemic was the rebrand of a Texan brewery, Jai Ho. We like branding. And beer. So this was the perfect opportunity to combine our passion for good work with good booze. We won’t lie to you. Some of our best designs came to us after a couple… and what we came up with for Jai Ho blew both our minds and the client’s. So let’s stop rambling and show you what we’ve done.

How did we help


The client loved our design and decided we would be the right partner to do the whole lot.

Marketing strategy, brand refresh, style guides, sales sheets, product and packaging design, website/ecommerce build, merchandise, investor pitch decks, social media campaigns, advertising, sampling campaigns, influencer marketing, Google ads, HubSpot setup, PR… I mean, you name it, we’ve done it.

And how we loved it. It’s hard to pinpoint what we liked most. There was just so much going on and on and on. When we thought we were done, Jai Ho came up with more product ideas.

What does Jai Ho actually mean?

Jai Ho is a universal “cheers” and a philosophy of connection, celebration, and love for life.

Inspired by care for community, an understanding that we are all more alike than different, and the togetherness cultivated by sharing a drink; Jai Ho is a beer for the global citizens and explorers.

Serve the beer cold, share a smile and don’t forget to say “Jai Ho!”

Four Drunk Parrots case study of Jai Ho Beer featuring rebranding of midnight beer

Sustainability at Jai Ho

Sustainability is important to us and we believe it should be to our clients too.

Jai Ho beers are brewed sustainably; their brewery is climate neutral certified and has a Co2 recovery plant that captures and utilises excess Co2 produced during fermentation in their packaging.

Solar cells power 50% of the brewery’s energy requirements, with the remainder covered by wind and solar energy. The carbon footprint of the workforce is offset with the planting of trees each month.

Four Drunk Parrots case study of Jai Ho Beer featuring rebranding of midday craft lagerbeer

Where can I buy Jai Ho?

Jai Ho is currently exclusively sold in the US…you can find them in restaurants, bars and selected bottle shops in 26 states. Jai Ho is expanding its reach by the minute and we hope to one day see them in Australia too.

Jai Ho slumdog non-alcoholic beer label designed by Four Drunk Parrots (4DP)
Jai Ho non-alcoholic hemp beer label designed by Four Drunk Parrots (4DP)

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