Dr Alex Hynes – Bondi Vet

Four Drunk Parrots created a kick-ass brand for Dr Alex Hynes, developing an awesome integrated social, PR and product line campaign, which resulted in us growing her reach from nothing to 200,000 per week, and achieving 1.25 media opportunities every week. And we have only just begun.

About Dr Alex Hynes – Bondi Vet

Dr Alex Hynes is an Emergency Veterinarian and Director at Animal Emergency Services, with clinics throughout Queensland. As well as being a busy Veterinarian, she is also a Mum, Director and Fitness Ambassador.

Dr Alex came to Four Drunk Parrots with a wish:

  • She knew that there are not many vets out there in the media who have spent the years living and breathing the kind of veterinary work she has done at Animal Emergency Service. Being on the ‘frontline’, she knew she had a message she wanted to share.
  • She wanted to show the teamwork and dedication that is required to be an emergency veterinarian, and both share and acknowledge this with other vets, the general public and particularly pet owners.
  • She wanted to show vets and aspiring vets that you can have a tremendously full and gratifying work life while still enjoying a family, doing the things you love and furthering your education!

Four Drunk Parrots had the knowledge, the contacts, the systems and the experts to make her wish a reality!


How did we help


Three Step Approach

One: Four Drunk Parrots researched the vet, pet, and female lifestyle markets extensively, to understand what opportunities would be available to Alex — from the obvious to the not so obvious.

Two: We worked closely with Alex to understand her dynamic personality and what she was passionate about — this allowed us to strategically build a targeted media database.

Three: We evolved and aligned what Alex could offer seamlessly with the specific media outlet, ensuring it was always unique, informative, engaging, and timely.


What We Created:
  • PR Media Kit
  • Social media accounts
  • Multimedia database
  • Editorial schedule and calendar
  • PR Scripts
  • PR Database
  • Relationship development
  • Content development for each target audience
What We Achieved:

•In summer, gave a radio interview on SeaFM about tick prevention and recorded a segment for Radio Metro Gold Coast on pet tips for summer safety.
• For the Sunday Mail Brisbane, did an interview and photoshoot on surviving the festive season with pets; an interview on dangers of dogs swallowing small bouncy balls (including surgery video); and provided a statement on tips for travelling with pets.
• Gave a radio interview Hot 91.1 Sunshine Coast about top festive season tips for pet owners; spoke at Mind, Body, Soul Festival in Brisbane (45 minutes) about inspiring women; was featured in editorial of Haven magazine re: best pets for kids; presented at Women’s Health & Wellbeing Expo in Gold Coast (30 minutes) re: achieving career dreams; had guest blogging opportunities with VetZone and VetAnswers.
• Was provisionally offered work with VetTalkTV as presenter role; interviewed/photoshoot by Logan Reporter re: surviving festive season w/pets & submitted editorial statement regarding chocolate dangers to dogs; featured Kids On The Coast Magazine article benefits of pets/best pet choices per age group child offered 15 minute weekly talk back show from Logan FM Families Magazine health & wellbeing benefits of






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