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Case Study - Green Friday with Etiko

About Etiko

Etiko approached Four Drunk Parrots with a challenge: Help us address the conundrum of participating in Black Friday/Cyber Monday promotions whilst maintaining an ethical approach, and increase sales against last year.

Spoiler alert: we succeeded.

The campaign we ran with Etiko addressed their concerns about flash sales, whilst increasing sales in an increasingly competitive time of the year. More and more Australian brands are holding Black Friday promotions, increasing the competition for the spending dollar.

How did we help


Through detailed discussions with Etiko, we came to understand the competitive industry in which they operate, where profit margins are tight, consumer expectations are high, and their brand values mandate that everything they do is ethical. From sourcing raw materials and paying fair wages to factory workers, to helping consumers understand their impact, Etiko is all about helping customers Wear their Values.

We recommended a Green Friday message.

We also partnered with a globally-recognised photographer who specialises in child labour and fair trade issues.

Email Marketing

We mirrored last year’s Black Friday efforts of sending email campaigns to existing Etiko subscribers, including several reminders. Our emails laid the groundwork in explaining Etiko’s stance on flash sales, gave subscribers pre-warning of the upcoming sales, then communicated across the weekend about the offer. Our messaging centred around the Green Friday message.

In total, we sent 6 emails over six days.

We also provided a blog post for Etiko, based on a deep understanding of their beliefs.

In our designs, we used animated GIFs both to grab attention and highlight multiple products.

Facebook Advertising

We used Facebook ads to target cold leads along with existing customers.

Our campaign started a few days before Black Friday as an announcement ad to get the audience excited for the sale. We tested 4 different ads and there was 1 clear winner based on engagement, see the screenshot below.

With Facebook ads, we like to look at Return on Ad Spend – a measure of how much return you receive for the advertising spend. With this campaign, we achieved up to 13x. In a niche market with a higher-ticket product, this was a great success.

On a very little ad spend this was Etiko’s most successful sales event of the year.

We are very proud of our work with Etiko for Black Friday and enabling them to have their best Black Friday weekend on record.

Photo by GMB Akash

Etiko FB Ad - most successful



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