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Gather By is a closed-loop regenerative agribusiness specialising in the production and marketing of rare and potent Australian Manuka honey. With a focus on working with beekeepers, farmers, and indigenous landholders, Gather By aims to revitalise Australia's honey industry and meet the global demand for the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of Manuka honey.

About Gather By

This case study focuses on Gather By, a regenerative agribusiness dedicated to producing and marketing rare and potent Australian Manuka honey. With a mission to revitalize the country’s honey industry, Gather By collaborates with beekeepers, farmers, and indigenous landholders along the east coast of Australia. By leveraging their expertise and sustainable practices, Gather By aims to meet the growing global demand for the medicinal and therapeutic qualities of Manuka honey.

Throughout this case study, we will explore the challenges Gather By faced, the solutions they implemented, and the remarkable results they achieved through their innovative approach to honey production. By combining their commitment to regenerative agriculture, extensive plant testing, and collaboration with local communities, Gather By has positioned itself as a leader in the industry, exporting 80% of its products worldwide.

Join us as we delve into the journey of Gather By, learn about their unique Medicinal Honey Forest™ model, and discover how their dedication to quality and sustainability transforms the Australian honey landscape.

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  • Testing and identifying plants with strong antibacterial and antibiotic properties for honey production.
  • Developing partnerships with growers/landholders to cultivate these special plants and produce high-quality nectar.
  • Collaborating with local beekeepers for honey extraction and storage to preserve the honey’s beneficial enzymes.
  • Creating a biodiverse planting model, known as the Medicinal Honey Forest™ (MHF), to support bee health and native fauna.


Over a period of five years, Gather By’s team of specialists conducted extensive testing on thousands of plants to determine their antibacterial and antibiotic strength. They made detailed notes, geocoded plant locations, and sent cuttings to specialized plant propagation nurseries. Collaborating with growers/landholders, Gather By established the MHF model, which includes multiple varieties of Leptospermum and bee fodder plants. This model ensures the bees’ health and strength while promoting the resurgence of native fauna.


Gather By successfully collects and packs Manuka honey with varying MGO (Methylglyoxal) levels, ranging from 100 to 2100. Lower MGO levels are enjoyed for their taste and general health benefits, while higher MGO levels offer stronger medicinal and therapeutic properties. Gather By’s innovative approach to honey production has positioned them as a leader in the industry, exporting 80% of their products to meet the global demand for high-quality Manuka honey.

Through effective marketing strategy and implementation, Gather By has been able to showcase their unique honey products, educate consumers about the benefits of Manuka honey, and contribute to the revitalization of Australia’s honey industry.

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