Choices Sexual Health Clinic - digital marketing strategy

Choices Reproductive and Sexual Health Clinic

We keep saying it but strategies and planning are the bones behind all marketing activities. If you have a good plan, or in this case digital marketing strategy, in place you are going to find the implementation process a lot more streamlined. 4DP consider ourselves a content marketing agency specialist and we recently created and implemented a digital marketing strategy for Choices Health Clinic.

About Choices Reproductive and Sexual Health Clinic

Social Futures is a not for profit organisation which provides mostly free services to the local community in the Northern Rivers. One of the services they provide is reproductive and sexual health clinic, Choices. Based in Lismore they provide free health services to the community.

How did we help


Together with Social Futures we created a targeted strategy aimed towards their audiences to meet specific KPIs, the primary goal included increasing cervical screening appointments, and our secondary goals included raising the clinic brand awareness in the area and the awareness of products they sell – if you haven’t heard of mooncups ladies you might want to that and check them out. We also wanted to communicate the health clinic as a safe and inclusive space where everyone is encouraged to visit and use their services.

We did this via a well planned social media content strategy, community engagement strategy, topped up with Facebook advertising. Sexual health is a sensitive subject to talk about but once we worked out the message they wanted to portray it made it easy. They wanted to take the stigma and shame out of having regular checkups and sexual health by utilising fun and engaging content.

Examples of Instagram posts used, image credit goes to in order: @libbyshappyproject  @libbyshappyproject @pinkbits 🌼

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