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About Just Veggies

Just Veggies are a Vegan Food Brand and although quite established and well loved in the market, they weren’t ecstatic with the way they were portraying themselves in their online copy. Four Drunk Parrots were asked to redo their vision and mission statement, and work with the company Director through their core values and come up with compelling text (or copy). So our copywriting services were called into play.

Their fantastic brief outlined their target audience who are mostly feminine aged between 21 to 40, millennial generation, vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and other flexitarians who want to increase consumption of plant-based food and try alternatives to meat and mainly based in Australia

For this audience they wanted the tone to be playful, trendy, young, fresh, attractive and have a modern appeal for the millennial generation as 70% Vegan population consist of young women – you learn something new everyday! Though they didn’t want to use the word “Vegan” just in case it put off potential customers new to the plant based diet.

How did we help


With a beautifully informative and descriptive brief we set off to create something to meet their requirements which also included a quote they loved that encapsulated their brand.

We created a short company description about their plant based meals. About Us copy, a new set of values and beliefs, and several mission statement suggestions to use in their online and offline marketing. We were extremely happy we could help another business with values that align with ours.

Copywriting is a sometimes overlooked aspect of a great website. Not only for good SEO ranking but also whether it can tell a story or portray your meaning clearly. Also a good copywriter can read a brief and understand exactly what the client is after.

If you are interested in finding a website content writer for copywriting services and Content Creation services you can visit this page here, or get in touch today to discuss what we could do with your words.

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