Veterinary Cardiologists Australia

With a passion for animals, Veterinary Cardiologist Australia will help you navigate through the complexity and uncertainty of heart disease.

About Veterinary Cardiologists Australia

Veterinary Cardiologists Australia is a group of passionate and dedicated doctors who have been treating patients for over 35 years. They care about their client’s pets, listening to all concerns before deciding what course works best in diagnosing heart diseases or surgical procedures that may be necessary, as well as recommending diets/exercise plans if needed so you can help manage your animal’s condition successfully!

How did we help


Armed with a brand spanking new logo, colour suite and Storybrand brand script, Veterinary Cardiologists Australia were looking for someone to build them a brand new website to match their brand personality: enter the parrots at 4DP.

Working hand-in-hand with the graphic design artist from Veterinary Cardiologists Australia, the team at Four Drunk Parrots set out to build a secure website that could stand the test of time. It had to be optimised for Google as well as easy to maintain and use, so the WordPress platform was chosen and so the parrots swooped in to begin. Four Drunk Parrots has extensive experience in marketing for veterinarians in Australia as well as overseas. With more than 15 veterinary hospitals, clinics, specialists, RTOs, personal brands, suppliers and vendors under their belt, 4DP are the go- to tech and marketing strategists in the veterinary profession. We can say that Veterinary Cardiologists Australia was in good hands

Sandra mocked-up the website for the client, taking into account the various requests made for functionality. As the Cardiologists consulted at Veterinary Specialist Services, all forms were required to be linked to their reception addresses which was easily managed through the Gravity Forms app.

The brief from the client was an image heavy website with beautiful colouring and soft flowy wording to go with their brand script story. Ben ensured all images and videos were optimised so that load time was still the top priority without compromising on image quality. The results: we’re flocking to the website just to see how fast it can load!

Of course it needed to be mobile optimised, given that a large percentage of views would be coming from the various mobile devices. With this in mind, and working with their graphic design artist, the team provided advice to keep the website looking sharp.

Finally, Ben connected the website to the server and dealt with all the techy, not-so-fun stuff such as technical schema tasks, setting up Google Search Console and Google Analytics. It’s no secret that this kind of work is Ben’s forte, so we left him to shine and joined the rest of the parrot pandemonium! Of course, there is also a new Google My Business profile for the veterinary cardiologists where they can collect reviews and make public announcements.

Co-Founders and Directors Dr Brad Gavaghan and Dr Fiona Meyers could not be happier with the final product, and commend the parrots for their collaboration and responsiveness to emails and phone calls.

Now to set out with the hard work: growing the content on the website and watching it rank… The hard work is yet to begin!

If you are a vet professional and are looking for a partner who understands the veterinary landscape please get in touch. We are here to help vet professionals with:

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