Empowering Indigenous Communities: A Case Study on Web Design and Google Ads Grant for Namatjira Haven

Namatjira Haven Drug and Alcohol Healing Centre, an Aboriginal Community Controlled organisation, has been dedicated to providing residential and therapeutic support to Aboriginal men struggling with substance use disorders and related issues since 1979.

About Empowering Indigenous Communities: A Case Study on Web Design and Google Ads Grant for Namatjira Haven

As a not-for-profit organisation, Namatjira Haven relies on effective marketing strategies to raise awareness, attract funding, and reach out to its target audience. In this case study, we will explore how Four Drunk Parrots, a renowned MarTech agency, assisted Namatjira Haven in optimising their web design and leveraging a Google Ads grant to promote their mission and achieve greater impact.

Namatjira Haven Drug and Alcohol Healing Centre is an Aboriginal Community Controlled organisation originally established in 1979 as a place of healing for the people of the Bundjalung Nation. We now serve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from all First Nations across Australia. Namatjira Haven provides residential and therapeutic support for Aboriginal men experiencing substance use disorders and related issues.

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The Challenge

Namatjira Haven faced a twofold challenge: effectively communicating their unique value proposition and expanding their reach to engage with potential donors, stakeholders, and individuals seeking support. Their existing website lacked a modern design, user-friendly interface, and compelling content. Additionally, limited resources constrained their marketing efforts, hindering their ability to reach their target audience effectively.

Collaboration with Four Drunk Parrots

Recognising the importance of an effective online presence, Namatjira Haven partnered with Four Drunk Parrots, a reputable marketing agency known for their expertise in web design and strategic marketing. The agency embarked on a comprehensive collaboration to revamp Namatjira Haven’s website and leverage a Google Ads grant to enhance their visibility and impact.

Web Design Transformation

Four Drunk Parrots initiated a thorough analysis of Namatjira Haven’s branding, objectives, and target audience. They developed a new website that aligned with the organisation’s mission, values, and Aboriginal heritage. The website design featured culturally appropriate colours, artwork, and imagery, creating an immersive and engaging user experience. The revamped website incorporated intuitive navigation, making it easy for visitors to find essential information about Namatjira Haven’s services, impact stories, and ways to get involved. The site also included an integrated donation platform, enabling seamless online contributions to support the cause.

Google Ads Grant Campaign

To maximise Namatjira Haven’s online visibility and attract a wider audience, Four Drunk Parrots successfully applied for a Google Ads grant on their behalf. The agency meticulously researched relevant keywords, demographics, and search trends to develop a targeted and cost-effective advertising campaign.
By leveraging the Google Ads grant, Four Drunk Parrots created compelling ad copy and strategically placed ads on relevant search engine result pages. They focused on promoting Namatjira Haven’s unique strengths, such as their Aboriginal-led approach, cultural immersion programs, and dedication to empowering individuals on their healing journey.

Collateral Work

In addition to the web design and Google Ads grant campaign, Four Drunk Parrots provided Namatjira Haven with collateral materials to support their offline marketing efforts. This included professionally designed brochures, pamphlets, and promotional merchandise that effectively conveyed Namatjira Haven’s mission and services. These materials were distributed at local events, community centers, and partner organisations, further increasing awareness and engagement.

Results and Impact

The collaboration between Namatjira Haven and Four Drunk Parrots yielded significant results, driving the organisation towards greater success and impact:

Increased Website Traffic:

The revamped website experienced a substantial increase in traffic, with a higher volume of visitors exploring the organisation’s programs, impact stories, and ways to contribute.

Enhanced Online Visibility:

The Google Ads grant campaign significantly improved Namatjira Haven’s online visibility, placing their ads prominently in relevant search results. This resulted in increased awareness and engagement from potential donors, stakeholders, and individuals seeking support.

Expanded Donor Base:

The integrated donation platform on the website, coupled with the Google Ads campaign, facilitated a surge in online donations. Namatjira Haven was able to attract new donors and cultivate ongoing support for their cause.

Strengthened Community Engagement:

The collateral materials provided by Four Drunk Parrots bolstered Namatjira Haven’s offline marketing efforts, enhancing their presence at community events and establishing stronger connections with partner organisations.

Namatjira Haven Website


Through the collaboration with Four Drunk Parrots, Namatjira Haven successfully revitalised their web design, harnessed the power of a Google Ads grant, and utilised impactful collateral materials. These efforts enabled Namatjira Haven to amplify their reach, raise awareness, attract funding, and continue their essential work in supporting Aboriginal men on their healing journey. By embracing strategic marketing initiatives, Namatjira Haven exemplifies the potential of effective marketing to empower and uplift Indigenous communities.

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