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Wendy Barron – Mind Body Space

About Wendy Barron – Mind Body Space

Wendy Barron offers busy women in Brisbane access to fitness through different mediums, she understands that everyone has a different level of comfort surrounding exercise so she offers different environments and ways to achieve results. Including through wellness retreats, personal training and Metafit Group classes. She came to Four Drunk Parrots because she required some additional help to get her services and wellness retreats in front of her target audience, so we decided on the target market segmentation and how we would go forward.

How did we help


Wendy came to Four Drunk Parrots for our CMO services where we provide consulting and marketing direction for businesses. We reviewed her business and put together suitable strategies which included these services:

  • CMO Services
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Website Optimisation


Within marketing we already know the “formulas” but after each marketing campaign it either teaches us something new or re-enforces our tactics. During Wendy Barron’s marketing campaign our strategies were re-enforced that when you are using Facebook advertising you really need to consider whether your website is optimised or not. Generally today most people will see your ad pop up while they are scrolling on their mobiles. So mobile optimisation is essential. Remember you are leading your potential customers away from Facebook so you need the place you are leading them to be somewhere they want to be for a while.
There are loads of simple optimisations you can do and having a third party look over it is a good way to see what you can’t for example typo’s and whether your content makes sense to an outside party. We also have tools that can tell what needs improving (for example SEMRush) including whether your webpages are taking too long to load and other tools like Hotjar which can record what your customer’s journey is and where you are losing them. Then once you know you have a good website you can be more confident that the ads are going to convert. Targeting the right people with a solution to their problem is one of the most common and simplest techniques for ads – but it’s common for a reason. It works. Once we work out who the client’s target audience is and what their problem is we can then construct an ad to show them we have the answer to that problem – which is what we did for Wendy Barron.

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