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About Instant Tax Refunds

Instant Tax Refunds (ITR) are Queensland’s most experienced tax refund company with over 100 years combined team experience preparing individual tax returns. If you need your tax refund quickly then these are the people for you as they offer same day tax returns amongst many other services. They recently approached us for digital marketing services.

How did we help


Digital marketing services provided by 4DP

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is probably the best way in our opinion to bring awareness to your services quickly to a new audience. We created traffic ads, and re-targeting ads for Instant Tax Refunds driving traffic to their site and getting their brand in front of an audience of people who would be most interested in their services – especially for millennials.

In the case of Instant Tax Returns, we have seen that Facebook ads drive huge ROAS.

For the recent July 2019 campaign, for just over $500 we were able to drive 1,917 direct clicks to the website and reach 44,074 people which totalled $0.28 per link click. Below are two variations of an ad, it’s a good idea to trial different images to see what works best with your audience (by the way it was the group shot with these ads).

Social Media Management (Facebook)

Creating relevant and engaging content can be time consuming for businesses. Especially if you don’t already know the tricks of the trade and are on top of the endless social media platform updates. Also when you are in the business yourself your creativity can sometimes run low and having a fresh perspective can give a bit of oomph to your content. Some simple tricks include utilising the Facebook built in scheduler to save time and using funny, eye catching gifs to grab attention with a dry subject like tax can really work.

Website Optimisation & Copywriting

To ensure your Facebook ads are converting, we often need to tweak where we are sending the traffic: Your Website. There is a lot more to ensuring your website is optimised in today’s business climate. Is it mobile optimised? SEO optimised? Are some of your pages taking too long to load or are using the right imagery for your audience. This can play a huge part in whether your customers choose to do business with you – as they say your website is the new shop front for your store.

Also clear and engaging copy is essential on your website and having a third party look over your site is a good idea as they will likely see something you may have missed or will have a less biased approach to what you are displaying.

The Take Away

Bring all your digital marketing services together – make sure your website, advertising, social media content and copy are all singing the same song (or portraying the right message). An exceptionally good way of doing this is via Inbound marketing which pulls all your touch points, contacts and workflows together in one space.

Basically get clear on your main message, who your audience is and your strategy initially. Then you will know what the right message is and who is on the receiving end of your content.

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