Why You Need HubSpot – For Startups

Have you heard of these companies – Shopify, Mention, Bynder, and AnswerDash? They were all powered by the program Hubspot for Startups in their initial seed days.  


HubSpot is the first company that comes to mind when it comes to inbound marketing. Not surprising since they revolutionised online marketing, and not only by advocating this effective marketing strategy but also by providing a comprehensive platform to carry this out. 


The Core Of The Hubspot Inbound Methodology Is Building Relationships With Your Audience And Providing Them With Value – Just Like Your Startup! 


Since it was launched in 2006, over 2,000 startups are now using HubSpot’s sales and marketing automation software to carry out their inbound marketing campaigns


See this video of Niti Shah from Hubspot, who explains the inbound methodology which touches on the Hubspot startup program:



Why does Hubspot want you to join their Hubspot for Startups Program?


As a former startup themselves, HubSpot understands the struggles startup founders face when it comes to getting your brand and products the attention they deserve. Through their discounted program they aim to provide startups with the guidance and tools to empower startup founders to promote and grow their startups through their marketing and sales efforts and retain them as customers moving forward.


Benefits of the HubSpot for Startups Program


Discounts on Software Tools

One of the main benefits of qualifying for the HubSpot for Startups Program is that you can receive up to 90% discount on their marketing and sales software program for the first year (as Hubspot is an annual subscription for the initial year).


Community Mentorship

Qualified startups to the program get access to a range of world-class training and educational courses that are trained by members of the HubSpot team and other experts in their own respective niches and industries.

At the same time, qualified startups can network and learn from each other through the program’s exclusive community.


Startup Onboarding

Each of the startups eligible for the program will gain access to HubSpot’s Startup Onboarding. This is an exclusive service that includes a strategy call with one of their Startup Specialists to help qualified founders develop an inbound marketing strategy for their startup to help them achieve their goals. 


Exclusive Training

In addition to getting access to exclusive courses and tutorials in HubSpot Academy, qualified startup founders will receive a training session on how to implement the inbound marketing methodology using the different tools provided to them so that they can attract more qualified visitors to their sites, convert them into leads, generate sales, and retain them. 


Hubspot – Beyond Marketing Automation Software

Perhaps the best thing about HubSpot is that they provide more than a robust marketing software program. They also offer a host of educational resources and training programs all focused on how marketers, small business owners, and startup founders learn the ins and outs of inbound marketing. 


To find out more about Hubspot For Startups program – follow this link and find out pricing, packages and whether your Startup is eligible.


Onwards and Upwards with Hubspot For Startups Program!