Announcing 4DP as Climate Neutral Certified!

At Four Drunk Parrots we’re committed to helping our home planet and putting purpose before profit. As the next step in our sustainability journey we’re incredibly proud to announce we’re now Climate Neutral Certified! That’s right, we’ve achieved what has long been lauded as a pipedream, and have offset all of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change is the biggest existing threat to humankind and every year we are increasingly seeing its devastating effects. It goes against our ethos to contribute to this destruction, so instead we’re actively taking steps to help offset our footprint and help the environment.
We’re a member of 1% For the Planet, where one percent of our revenues go to vetted environmental nonprofits. Our workforce has been climate positive for over a year and now, we’ve gone above and beyond by achieving net zero carbon emissions to remove additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Now – we’re officially Climate Neutral.

What does it mean to be “Climate Neutral Certified”?

We love a good certification (we’ve got a few now). Certifications ensure transparency and credibility, and provide guidance when choosing the product or service that’s right for you. The Climate Neutral Certified label says “we’re a brand that is taking immediate and rigorous climate action.” Brands with the label measure and offset all of the emissions it takes to run their business, produce products or services, and deliver them to customers. All certified brands are also working to reduce their carbon footprint.

The audit and ultimately the certification is provided by Climate Neutral, a global nonprofit organisation that is bringing businesses together with climate neutrality at their core. Businesses that become Certified Climate Neutral commit to reducing and offsetting their company’s carbon footprint.

It took buy-in from our whole team and many late nights in front of spreadsheets to measure all our emissions but we did it. By becoming Climate Neutral Certified we’ve measured, reduced, and offset all of the greenhouse gas emissions we’ve created since our inception.

sunrise over the ocean with the climate neutral certification logo

How did we do it?

The four-step process to become Climate Neutral Certified was to: 1) measure, 2) reduce, 3) offset, and 4) label.

We started by signing a Commitment Agreement. Then with the help of the Climate Neutral team we collected and measured our emission data. After measuring our emissions we were supplied with a guide to identify and reduce them in various ways. After we had reduced our emissions, we were guided through how we could offset the stubborn emissions that we couldn’t reduce any further. Now finally we can proudly display the Climate Neutral Certified logo!

What parts of the business are certified? Are our products?

Our entire “cradle to customer” brand-level operations are covered, including all upstream product/ service emissions, shipping emissions, and corporate overhead emissions such as business travel, and utilities at the office. The only thing not included is emissions from use and disposal of our products/ services.

Where can I learn more about the company’s certification?

Every brand is certified based on the Climate Neutral Standards – you can read about all of the gory detail there. Each certified brand has its own profile page at

Is the certification a legitimate response to the challenge of climate change?

Reversing climate change is an all-hands challenge, and we help companies and consumers play a critical role. A small fraction of companies know what their carbon footprints look like. Even fewer are actually investing to eliminate them. We’re building Climate Neutrality for one reason — climate impact.
How long is our certification valid? Is it a one-time thing?
Certifications are valid for up to one year before a brand needs to re-certify. Annual recertification ensures that brands remain focused on reducing their carbon emissions, and stay current with removing/offsetting the carbon emissions they generate.

There is no planet B sign in a protest

Carbon Neutrality 

Are carbon credits / carbon offsets real?

If selected carefully, carbon credits do indeed provide real climate benefits by increasing removal of carbon from the atmosphere and speeding the transition to zero carbon energy sources. There are many different types of projects and many choices for buyers. Climate Neutral’s carbon credit standards are written to guide brands in the offsetting process, and reflect the input of a group of independent external advisors.

Should companies rely on carbon offsets?

There is quite simply no way for companies to accelerate their journey to immediate climate neutral or net-zero emissions without relying on carbon offsets in the near term. Unfortunately, the trend on global emissions is far from where it needs to be. Every company and consumer should be doing as much as they can, and carbon offsets are an effective way to do that while we work on broader systems change.

What does climate positive or carbon negative mean?

No one has standardised the definition of these terms, but they generally mean the same thing: that a company’s (or country’s) net impact on the climate is better than neutral — not only does it clean up its emissions, but it also goes further to clean up extra emissions.

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What’s next?

We’re excited to join a group of game changers in the sustainable development community through Climate Neutral. However, we’re not stopping yet. We’re well on our way to becoming B Corp certified, meaning we’re meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

We’re fully committed to using business as a force for good so join us in raising a glass as we celebrate being Climate Neutral Certified!

Do you want better results from better marketing while working towards a better world? Then get in touch with Four Drunk Parrots today!