Our Favourite Hubspot Integrations

Hubspot loves to partner with app developers and offer even better functionality with their fellow software apps, applications and platforms. Hubspot integrations connect with the likes of Zapier, Zoho, SalesForce, Jira and Zendesk.

With over 200 integrations across 17 categories their API is widespread – growing by 94 in 2018 alone.

The most popular apps by install in 2018 are: 

  • Zapier— integrations automation
  • Mailchimp — email and marketing automation
  • Slack — collaboration hub for work colleagues
  • WordPress — free content management system
  • SurveyMonkey— survey collection

Here at Four Drunk Parrots we love all these Hubspot Integrations and how they connect with other useful software products and applications.

We Want To Focus On Hubspot Integrations Which Provide Value and Functionality


  • Slack keeps communication really open between teams and is fully searchable for quick answers. 
  • WordPress is our preferred website build provider for clients. 
  • Zapier allows us to bring survey data into Hubspot and forms from non-hubspot website forms. The data then can populate a shared google sheet in real-time. These Zaps as they are known are triggers and have amazing ability to connect a number of software products that otherwise are simply silos of information by themselves.
  • SurveyMonkey allows us to create NPS (net promoter score) for clients, which subsequent data we then bring into Hubspot. As a result we can ascertain which contacts we should approach for a review and which had a less than optimal experience and should be contacted for a follow-up.

Using Hubspots automation tool – Workflows, we can automatically create a task that the account manager must follow-up. See more about workflows here

4DP uses Hotjar

Our favorite Hubspot app is Hotjar. This is a heat-mapping tool to establish where on a landing page the viewer is spending the most time and focus. This allows us to optimise their visit and bring in good conversion results nearly instantly and adds insights into visitors behaviour.

The biggest growth in the app market for Hubspot has been sms messaging, virtual meeting platforms and chatbots. Inbound and Outbound SMS sending and video conferencing are popular ways to connect with potential prospects or existing clients without physically having to be in the same location. Services like GoToMeeting and Zoom are now seamlessly integrated into Hubspot and make appointment setting easy with contacts. 

Which Other Hubspot Integrations Are Fantastic?!


Eventbrite has also connected to Hubspot bringing event registrations and recording attendance of the event onto the contacts timeline. Adding huge value for email drip campaigns post event follow-up. 

Another much loved platform is Unbounce which is very easy to create beautiful landing pages in and integrates into Hubspot forms – ensuring that all submissions flow seamlessly into Hubspot for prospecting. The landing pages can also be made with lightboxes and overlays with no programming skills required.

The apps that Hubspot integrate with can be categorised as CRM, email and marketing automation, survey collection, event management and ticketing, KPI dashboards, business card sync, support ticketing and customer service software, ecommerce platform, proposal software, eSignatures and more.

We love apps and integration and Hubspot – so if you want to know more, just get into contact