How to Utilise Hubspot Marketing Automation Features

With HubSpot, it’s no longer a mystery how to free up time. You no longer need to send repetitive follow-up emails or manually create tasks like alerting the sales team of an inbound enquiry. Introducing Workflows!

The key to automation success is implementing Hubspot Workflows

A workflow can easily be set up with a start trigger, such as when a person completes a form on your website or downloads a resource. This event then adds the contact onto a list, which then triggers a workflow which sends your contacts the relevant information they are interested in.

A wait or delay period can also be added to the workflow to send a second follow-up based on the contacts action, or inaction.  They can either continue with the current workflow or be enrolled in another workflow which takes them down a different action path.

Marketing automation backed by an inbound strategy is centred around the prospect. Inbound marketing automation uses all the information known about a contact to inform the automation strategy. So the information the prospect needs to make a purchase is delivered, exactly when they need that information, in the place they’re looking for it.

4DP Automation Hubspot

From within the workflow segmentation personalisation tokens can be added to ensure that the contact does not feel like they are receiving bulk, impersonal or spammy emails. 

From the most simple email response campaign to the most complex sales funnel, a workflow can help seamlessly move the prospect down the sales funnel and help maintain contact with an existing customer. Then it delivers them a nurture campaign which ensures they remain delighted with your business, services and products.

Making The Complex Funnel Simple With Measurable Results

Setting up a drip email campaign for prospects based on where they are in the buyers journey couldn’t be easier, and based on their behaviour they can then be coached through to the next level in your sales funnel until they have received all the information they require to make a purchase decision, or reach the goal you set in the workflow initially.

From within a workflow you can also create deals automatically against the contact or allocate the contact a task to be completed by someone else within your organisation.

A workflow can also be set to request reviews or NPS scores from existing customers to measure their experience and provide you with feedback. Any negative feedback can then quickly be addressed with either an internal alert being raised or a task to be created.

4DP Hubspot NPS

You can automate dozens of tasks beyond just email. Workflows can also set up webhooks, score leads, rotate leads to sales, and easily manage data in bulk by updating properties, allocating custom properties to contacts, copying values, and much much more. 

Workflows can save you loads of time and give every contact in your database the attention they deserve.

For an overview of workflows and how easy they are to use please get into contact – we can show you exactly how easy it is to automate with Hubspot Inbound Marketing.