Plus, the effects we’re already starting to see…

Artificial intelligence has already affected the marketing industry in significant ways, but marketers themselves will tell you that what we’ve seen so far is just the beginning.

“We’re still at the dawn of AI adoption,” said Jean-Luc Chatelain, chief technology officer at Accenture Analytics. “Brands have yet to fully understand all the ways in which AI will change the marketing game. The practical applications we already see today in precision targeting, dynamic ad creation and marketing automation, are just the tip of the iceberg.”

According to new research from Accenture Interactive, a majority of marketers in the retail sector are using AI-driven personalisation to drive growth across channels. The research also shows that eight in 10 business-to-business marketing execs believe AI is poised to “revolutionise” the marketing industry by 2020, and an even greater percentage of marketers in general, (86 percent), believe AI will make their work more efficient and effective.

“It’s a new frontier, and one that will redefine the relationship between consumers and brands,” Chatelain said.


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