Growth Hacking

We’d like to introduce Four Drunk Parrots (4DP) – a marketing consultancy, specialising in Growth Hacking,  working with clients of all sizes, from companies with million-dollar turnovers, to celebrities, to small and mid-sized businesses who are looking to get to that next level, but don’t know which steps to take to get there. Our Founder and Director, Sonja Ceri, has a passion for working with CEO’s and bringing their vision to life.

They know what they want to be; they simply don’t know how to get there. 4DP specialises in helping CEO’s to implement their vision, to provide strategic guidance to their company, and to align their sales and marketing strategies show clearly the effect their marketing efforts have on their bottom line. We can do this by looking through a ‘business lens’ and assessing the whole organisation.
Considering where they are positioned in the market and where they want to be positioned in the future, we decide strategically how to get them there. We look at their channel strategy, their content strategy and their partnership strategy – we review, and can even build, their marketing budget and we help them to translate their goals into actionable marketing activities.
Many of our clients have their own in-house marketing team already; however, their teams are usually small or have limited experience in digital or video production, Facebook ads or SEO. This is where working with 4DP can bring real value to a business. Besides creating strategy documents, we train the in-house team on implementing that strategy also.

And if we don’t have the expertise needed in-house, we’ll bring in an external expert. Our own team of marketing managers will often manage our clients’ entire marketing team – that way we can hold their hands until the strategy is fully integrated and rolled-out. This brings quicker and better results. So everything is in alignment. Get in contact with us anytime.