Startling Phenomenon that is Mesmerising Generation Z: Exploring Soothing Content

Gen Z is a relatively nascent group, yet it has already emerged as one of the main influencers in global culture and consumerism. A new 2022 Ipsos survey of thousands of Gen Z respondents shows that 83% have used YouTube to watch soothing content. Which in return, helps them relax. As marketers, it’s important to understand this generation’s needs and interests. So we can create relevant messaging and connect with them on a deeper level. Let’s take a look at this trend and what it means for marketers.

What Does This Trend Tell Us About Gen Z?

This trend reveals something about how this generation copes with stress and anxiety. It shows that they are looking for comfort and solace in the form of nature live streams, ASMR videos, or watching their favourite people go about their everyday lives. Basically, any form of soothing content. They are seeking out these calming visuals as a form of escapism from their everyday reality. This insight into Gen Z’s desires can help marketers better understand how to approach this target audience when creating campaigns or messaging.

Reliving memories as you watch your beloved wander through their daily routines.

Recent studies have demonstrated that Generation Z is turning to nostalgia watching for a sense of comfort. Even when the content isn’t particularly exciting. They are re-watching older videos and subscribing to their favourite channels as a way to provide themselves with assurance during uncertain times.

According to research, a whopping 69% of Gen Zers report revisiting content or creators that make them feel comfortable. Additionally, 82% confess taking refuge in YouTube for nostalgically pleasurable experiences. Similar to rewatching a beloved movie when feeling under the weather.

Gen Z has an affinity for watching their beloved creators engage in mundane activities for extended periods of time. They can be found tuning into lengthy vlogs, showcasing a creator tidying, reading books, tending to the garden, cooking meals or sketching artworks. Accompanied by soothing music.

Here are some of our favourite soothing content:


What Can We Learn From This Soothing Content Trend?

Marketers should be conscious of how to use visuals that trigger positive emotions such as joy or relaxation when targeting Gen Z audiences. Incorporating visuals like nature live streams or ASMR videos into ads is one way to capture their attention in a positive manner. Which resonates with them emotionally. Additionally, incorporating visuals that show people going about their everyday lives could also be useful. Because it would be relatable content for Gen Z viewers who seek comfort in others’ experiences.

 The Gen Z group has been raised right in the thick of a pandemic and an ever-worsening climate crisis. As such, fear and unease are no strangers to these young people.

The biggest takeaway from this trend is understanding the coping mechanisms that Gen Z uses to manage stress and anxiety in an ever-changing world. Knowing how they cope helps us better understand our target audience. So we can create messages and campaigns that resonate with them on an emotional level while still meeting our marketing goals. As we get deeper insights into Generation Z through research like the Ipsos survey, we will be able to make even more informed decisions about how best to reach them as marketers in the future.


The popularity of soothing content streaming on YouTube among Generation Z provides valuable insights into how members of this age group cope with stress and anxiety amidst a changing world landscape. These insights can help marketers create more effective campaigns by using visuals that trigger positive emotions such as joy or relaxation and by incorporating visuals showing people going about their everyday lives. With research like Ipsos providing deeper insights into Generation Z, marketers will be able to make even more informed decisions about reaching this key demographic in the future!