Social Good – Facebook and Instagram Donations

Did you know Facebook’s mission is to bring the world closer together? Their charitable arm Social Good’s aim is to foster a community that cares by empowering people to make the world a better place through Facebook Donations tools that have positive real-world impact. This seems to be telling in today’s business climate that the world is evolving towards more socially responsible business goals. 

Facebook and Instagram are also constantly releasing new features and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. They released Facebook Fundraising Tools sometime ago and one feature connected to this that we love is Donation Stickers in Stories. This compliments their mission and enables non profits to solicit donations in a much simpler quicker way. 

If you aren’t already, nonprofits should be leveraging the fundraising features which include the donate button and fundraising platform in Facebook. Though the newest tool – the Instagram Donation Sticker is the one we love most! To get set up with Fundraising Tools in Facebook and Instagram you need to:

  1. Sign up to Facebook Donations tools 
  2. Link your Instagram and Facebook
  3. Make sure your Instagram account is a business profile 

These fundraising functionalities give charities the ability to make their ‘ask’ in a different, easy way with less clunky steps involved – and is especially useful if you have a millennial based audience. People can get tired of being asked in the same standard way (you know the standard email template). So mixing up the way you ask can be a great idea to get people’s attention. And with people on their phones so much today Stories and other different features are a fun and easy way to cut through the stream of information.

Once you have the fundraising tools set up, go in to Instagram and create a Story how you would usually and when you go into Stickers you should see the Donation sticker which allows people to swipe up and go through to a payment to easily donate within the Instagram app.

Instagram Donation Stickers
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If you haven’t been making the most of Stories yet get on board you won’t regret it! Stories with their stickers have been around for a couple of years and are a simple way of creating an eye catching graphic image. It started out with just locations and other simple stickers with days of the week etc. Now there are a huge variety of different stickers available for people to interact with your profile or brand and you can also use them to ask questions and engage your audience in a different way. Stories are attention grabbing, fun, playful ways for brands to show their identity. They also don’t need to be as highly manicured / edited as your regular Instagram images as they aren’t permanent.

With this feature you can connect with your community through fun and original visuals that share who your organisation is and what you stand for. And Stories are a great alternative to just popping up in someone’s newsfeed. 

To find out more about anything we have mentioned above get in touch with one of the team today! 

Or you can read more about how we can help your not for profit here.