Pet Industry China – Update 2016

If you are in the pet industry, you know that everyone is looking towards China at the moment. Here at Four Drunk Parrots, or 4DP, we work with many pet shop suppliers, pet food producers, pet toys producers, veterinarians and pet related start-ups. In fact, every week we get enquiries from pet companies who want to work with us. This is why 4DP is keeping an eye on what’s happening in the Chinese pet market. Here’s our latest update: 

The market for pet products in China is showing strong growth, with a number of clever and innovative products for pets exhibited at the recent Guangzhou International Pet Industry Fair.

The supply of personalised pet products, particularly in the health and services sector, was a key focus for many of the exhibitors. As more pet owners become increasingly savvy in relation to their pets’ health, the response of the pet market in China has been an increased focus by pet suppliers on improving pet health, particularly in food quality.


Among the many pet supply products on display was the ‘Pet-Tower’ feeder, with built in interactive technology from Hong Kong’s ‘I Pet Interactive Technology’. This smart pet product combines several features, such as an automatic pet feeder, a built-in camera and a display screen, all controlled by a mobile app. This allows owners to feed their pets at either a preset time or remotely, also allowing them to keep an eye on their pets via the built-in camera.

For the bored or prone-to-destructive-behaviour pet, the option of playing a video is also available, and can be downloaded via the app to be played while the pet owner is away.

The inclusion of the display screen was noted as being significantly advantageous over other pet supply products in the marketplace.

The Pet Tower is able to store a record of food portions required in the cloud. Pet owners can track the levels of food stores, and the app sends a reminder when these are getting low. It has also been designed with a raised paw print inside the feeder bowl, which can prevent the pet from eating too quickly. Any uneaten food is detected by a weight sensor under the bowl, and the dispenser then adjusts the next food portion to minimise the chance of overeating. Very Clever!


Border collie dog catching frisbee in jump in summer


Another clever pet product to come to the Chinese market is the ‘Pet Tracker’. The developer of the product cited the need for a regular feeding and exercise schedule for pets, as a driving force in the development of the Pet Tracker. The tracker is worn around the pet’s neck and is available in two versions, one being GPS-enabled, which allows for greater range of distance. Using Bluetooth, it sends an alert to the pet owner if the pet runs beyond a preset range. Available in various colours, the Pet Tracker has proven immediately popular, with 3000 units already having been ordered since March of this year!

A significant number of the pet supply products were focussed on maintaining pet health. The Ryet mobile phone app offers users the ability to access a professional Vet service, by the simple tap of a key. Users receive a call from a qualified vet, from well-known animal hospitals, which provide the pet owner with 24 hour service. The app already has 100,000 users, with this number expected to double or triple this year.

The Chinese pet market is promising great possibilities for pet owners and pet suppliers, with many new and technologically advanced products becoming available. The focus on pet food and health, in particular, is sure to be attractive for owners and retailers alike.

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