Instagram Launches Professional Dashboard to Maximise and Monetise Your Presence

Flying into 2021 is the launch of Instagram’s Professional Dashboard for Business and Creator accounts. The Professional Dashboard aims to help small businesses and creators efficiently manage their presence on Instagram by combining a suite of tools and features in a central location.

By consolidating the products released in 2020 (Instagram Shop, Checkout, Branded Content tools and Badges) the Professional Dashboard strives to make it easier for users to find the tools they need.

Example of Professional Dashboard for Creator

Benefits of the Instagram Professional Dashboard

1. Track Your Performance

Here you can review your Instagram account’s key performance trends, including comparing your data with past performance to discover new insights.

2. Grow Your Business

This area gives you access to a range of tools to optimise your account management, including the ability to check your account’s eligibility and status for monetisation.

3. Stay Informed

This is the hub for Instagram’s educational resources where according to Instagram, you’ll find “tips, tricks, guidance, and inspiration“.

Some of these features have existed on the platform for awhile now, however this update is hoping Instagram’s Professional Dashboard will provide a more cohesive and accessible interface for users.

More tools and resources are in the pipeline to be added to Instagram’s Professional Dashboard so watch this space!

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