Instagram Checkout – A Perfect Destination for Shoppers

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms (even rivaling Facebook), and a number of brands are using this social media network to successfully promote their products and services. Since 2017, Instagram has been launching new and interesting features for brands including somewhere they can tag their products on their posts so people can purchase them directly from Instagram.

Instagram has been using different methodologies to make the platform more e-commerce friendly, especially due to the difficulty around not being able to include a link directly in their posts or comments. So with the creation of the Checkout feature it is now becoming possible for advertisers to shorten the ride from product discovery to purchase.

In 2018, Instagram came out with enhanced shopping features that include facets like shopping stickers on stories, redesign of a shop tab on the business profiles, and a shopping channel in the explore page.

Instagram checkout is yet another feature in the enhanced shopping suite for some selected brands.

Wondering how this feature works, well here are a few great aspects that we have narrowed down:

Instagram checkout boosts the shopping experience by making the purchase easy, convenient, and safe.

It becomes haslel free for the customers, as they no longer navigate through to their browser to purchase what they want to. Also, with the safe and secure payment information in one place, they can easily shop for their favorite brands without the need for signing in and out multiple times.

Whenever a user clicks a product tag within an image, the “Checkout on Instagram” feature is displayed on your screen. Once the user saves their information on Instagram, then they’ll be able to buy the products with the checkout button and will be able to manage their orders in the app.

How checkout on Instagram Will Work

  • After the users see a Checkout-enabled product in their posts or stories, they will be able to tap on the “checkout on Instagram” button to view more detail.
  • After they find what they are looking for, they will fill out their contact, shipping, and payment information and will be able to place their order directly in the Instagram app.
  • After placing the order, users can use the Instagram app to view the status, tracking number, estimated delivery date, as well as can cancel orders, request additional support or initiate returns.

Introducing new features time and time again has been a part of the Instagram experience from its inception. Instagrammers are always looking for new and exciting features, as they want to explore and find new arrivals from the brands they actually follow and worship.

Even retailers are looking for new ways and are waiting for new opportunities to build a new and strong foundation with their customers. So, this is the reason, Instagram is always looking out for new discoveries that can help the customers as well as the retailers.

Instagram has launched the shopping feature in the year 2017, the app has become a trending and perfect shopping destination for millions of users. This is because Instagram allows the customers to visually explore all their favorite products in one place and get excited over new launches.

Therefore, with the introduction of Instagram checkout, shopping becomes a hassle-free, simple process for the user and enables a frictionless purchase for the shoppers. Which is what you want – the most seamless user experience possible at every touchpoint.

If you would like to find out more about how Instagram Checkout works or think Instagram could be a good way to target your customers get in touch with the team at 4DP to help create the perfect strategy tailored to your business.