Say Goodbye to No-reply Email Addresses

We all know how it feels when we get an email from a brand with order confirmation, using no-reply email addresses. In many cases, they leave our questions and concerns in the inbox. But what if there was a way for consumers to reply and be heard?

ActiveCampaign, with its acquisition of Postmark, is launching an initiative to streamline customers’ user experience and eliminate fragmented messages from marketing-related events. From now on users will have one conversation that spans all channels. Sales or transactional emails can be sent through this system without any hassle.

A new ActiveCampaign data shows that more than half of consumers are frustrated by no-reply email addresses. Close to 30% have actually stopped shopping with a brand because they never heard back from them after having questions or issues about their purchase. While 65% percent want to be able respond directly through transactional emails for any questions or issues about purchases made on their website.

Hello, transactional emails

Transactional emails are a one-to-one unique message sent by an interaction, event or preferences with the service that you’re expecting will be received quickly.  Time to inbox is critical for transactional email. Unlike promotional emails, which can be sent at will and have no time limit on when they’ll arrive, transactional messages are functional. They provide an anticipated update or action to something that was requested by them previously. This way you know exactly what information is needed.

Transactional emails can be used for account alerts, billing management, order confirmations, event notifications, password reminders or reset, and more. Whether you’re sending out one-time promotions or reminding customers about their order, transactional emails are an excellent strategy for generating high levels of engagement with your target audience!

Transactional emails are here to stay

Having the right message, at the right time, every time is the best way to keep your customers informed about their purchase. It is also a great way to build customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and up your marketing and sales strategies.

By using transactional emails, your customers are provided with an excellent experience which will keep them happy and your bottom line healthy. There’s nothing not to love about this!

Our marketing and tech experts are ready to help you get set up with ActiveCampaign and transactional emails, simply contact us today!