Business Guide: The Resources Small Businesses Can Get From State and Federal Government When Starting a Business

Feeling a bit overwhelmed in your business journey? Look no further! Our detailed outline of small business assistance services is precisely what you need. Business Connect provides the necessary advice, mentoring and support to budding entrepreneurs. So they can create and expand their ventures. All are subsidised by the NSW Government! Get personalised help today for a discounted rate and discover all the resources small businesses can get.

Business Resources – The Australian Government’s most essential business asset.

Small Business NSW – Want to get your business off the ground, manage it successfully and build upon its success? Here’s some invaluable advice.

Training Services NSW Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative –TSNSW is delighted to offer a wide range of Aboriginal Initiatives. These initiatives strive to enhance training, education, job opportunities and business success for all Indigenous people and communities in NSW.

Starting a business guide, and checklist: To provide you with comprehensive guidance on launching a business, we’ll walk you through each step and equip you with the necessary knowledge to succeed.

Self Start – To start off your business journey, here are the details and references you need to kickstart things. This includes developing a plan, confirming the viability of your idea, and looking for assistance locally, until finally polishing up that pitch!

Edmund Barton Centre – The Centre was designed to cultivate regional Australian economies by helping both new and existing businesses grow, innovate and succeed. We offer a variety of programs such as our Start Up Business Development Program, Key Business Enhancement Program, Inspire Program and Apprentice to Business Owner Program. These programs aim to equip business owners with the tools they need!

Business Australia – Business Australia, formerly known as the NSW Business Chamber, aims to aid businesses of all sizes in achieving their utmost potential. Business Australia can provide your business with invaluable resources and connection opportunities. Get in touch with our Port Macquarie office today to learn more!

ETC – NEIS Program – ETC is proud to offer the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) in all areas of NSW from the Mid-North Coast and up to The North Coast. This program provides eligible job seekers with an excellent opportunity to start their own businesses and succeed.

Entrepreneurship Facilitator Program

If you’ve ever wanted to start your own small business, Entrepreneurship Facilitators are here for you! These experts promote and nurture self-employment opportunities so that others can succeed with their entrepreneurial dreams. Not only do they assist in the initial stages of launching a small business but also provide ongoing support for micro-business owners who already have up-and-running operations. Don’t be intimidated by taking on such an endeavour. Let Entrepreneurship Facilitators guide you every step of the way on this exciting journey!

Entrepreneurship Facilitators may also suggest other applicable small business support options, like Self-Employment Assistance.

Throughout Australia, our Entrepreneurship Facilitators offer no-cost services to people in a total of 23 areas.

NSW Government

The NSW Government is committed to helping small business owners and has provided funding for the Business Connect program. With its personalised approach, this program offers invaluable advice to assist you in expanding your ventures. In the MidCoast area, The Business Centre will be delivering this service.

In addition, The Easy to do Business program strives to bring together agencies, local councils and industry bodies. Doing so, facilitate the process of launching or expanding a small business. This groundbreaking initiative ensures that entrepreneurs can become up and running faster while still receiving the best quality service available.

Small business owners can now find support from Bruce Macleod, a Service NSW Mobile Business Concierge. Need help with government requirements at any level? From obtaining grants and permits to understanding regulations – it’s all included in their free, personalized services that adapt to your needs as you grow or encounter challenging times.

If you are looking for a local expert,

with unparalleled connections to our Council and various government agencies, Bruce is the one. Get in touch with him on 0407 388 146 or Service NSW 13 77 88 to get started today!

  • The Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner provides small businesses with all they need to run professionally, efficiently and successfully. This includes acting as a neutral mediator in disputes between two or more businesses or any business-related disagreement with government entities. Also, providing first-class advice from knowledgeable experts who use top-tier tools. Lastly, advocating for small businesses within government circles; and offering the services of an official NSW Small Business Commissioner.

Training Services NSW offers apprentices, trainees and their employer’s vocational education advice and information. Furthermore, Training Services NSW manages funded programs such as Smart & Skilled, Apprenticeships & Traineeships as well as Adult & Community Education. Which enables individuals to gain the knowledge that will empower them for the future.

In conclusion, From grants to training, the NSW Government is dedicated to supporting small businesses in all stages of development. Entrepreneurship Facilitators, Service NSW Mobile Business Concierge and The Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner are all available to provide personal advice and guidance. With access to these invaluable resources, small business owners can confidently take charge of their future and make a success of their venture. If you need further help, contact us today!