Best Social Media Marketing Tools

There are an abundance of social media marketing tools to assist us in becoming bolder and more effective with our strategy, but sometimes it can seem overwhelming. Statistics from the Chief Marketing Technologist Blog‘s Marketing Technology Landscape show an increase in marketing tools of over 40% from 2016 to 2017. There are more than 5000 tools to choose from on the market today. And it continues to grow.

Where on earth do we start? Which tools will work best for your business? How do you know which ones will outperform the others? Fear not because we’ve got that covered. We’ve waded through the multitude of products out there to find some of the top trending marketing tools for 2018.

Here’s our Top Ten Social Media Marketing Tools for you to try:


  1. Botletter

With the recent growth of Facebook messenger as a marketing tool, Botletter comes at an opportune time to capitalise on this trend. Botletter is like Mailchimp for messenger and can even create drip campaigns. With an average open rate of 80%, the power of this tool should not be ignored.


  1. Crello

Crello and Canva are like sisters from another mister. Crello is a free graphic design editor that helps create professional looking images for social media, print and other web-based graphics. The tool provides 10,000 free design templates and millions of stock images. A very exciting addition is the new animated designs feature.


  1. PixelMe

PixelMe gives marketers the enviable ability to turn every link they share into perfectly targeted ads. It’s essentially a URL shortener but every link contains a re-targeting pixel to continue advertising to anyone who has clicked on the link. This tool works across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google platforms.


  1. Planable

Planable is the command centre for social media teams, a collaborative tool for planning and visualising campaigns between managers and clients. You can create new posts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn in the interface and approve campaigns before they are scheduled. It removes the need for clunky movements between Google Drive and Dropbox.


  1. Anchor Videos

Imagine being able to turn an audio recording into a video in a few simple steps? With the new videos feature in the Anchor app you can do just that. Traditionally a podcasting tool, Anchor has now incorporated the video component to transform an audio transcript into an animated video. Winning.


  1. Tagwin

Tagwin is a web-based tool that makes running a contest on Instagram a breeze. Running competitions is a great way to grow your Instagram tribe and increase engagement with existing followers. Tagwin eliminates the need for clunky spreadsheets by managing the entire campaign within the app.


  1. ContentStudio

We could all use a little help with content curation, and ContentStudio offers a very user-friendly interface to do just that. It streamlines the process of searching for content that will suit your brand voice, and even recommends suitable images and hashtags to accompany the post. We are particularly fond of this tool.


  1. Adioma

With info-graphics being such a popular way to share useful and informative content, it makes sense to have a tool which actually creates the graphic using the content you’ provide. Adioma is an extremely intuitive platform with all pros and no obvious cons. There is a cost involved but if you’re big on info-graphics then this is one tool you have to have.


  1. Lisa

Wouldn’t it be handy if we could see into the future and somehow just know which Instagram campaigns are going to work best? Well now we can, with a futuristic little tool called Lisa. Lisa’s advanced algorithms will analyse the pictures and tell us which photo is likely to work best, and will also recommend hashtags.


  1. Typito

Last but definitely not least is Typito, a web based drag-and-drop tool to create engaging videos for social media with beautiful typography, images and brand layouts. Described by some as ‘Canva for Video’, it makes video marketing totally achievable for absolutely everyone. And with video marketing so vital these days, that’s very good news.