Ballina Shire Tourism Ambassador

Our very own Sandra is now a Ballina Shire Tourism Ambassador. Next to her full-time work with Four Drunk Parrots, she is dedicating her Sundays to volunteer for the Ballina Council at the Ballina Visitor Centre and at Ballina Byron Gateway Airport to help tourists find the well hidden treasures in the Ballina Shire. 

Tourism Ambassadors in the Ballina Shire inspire and motivate people to work together and to turn every visitor encounter into a positive and memorable experience. 

Sandra’s top 10 things to do in and around Ballina:

1.Bicycle ride to Flat Rock with a picnic somewhere along the way.

Best picnic spot is Flat Rock with a wonderful view over the coast and you might even be lucky to see whales.

2.Breakfast at the Lighthouse Cafe with a seat at the window. 

This beautiful cafe/restaurant is located at one of my favourite spots in Ballina.  With a view over the Lighthouse beach it is not only beautiful, it is also a perfect place for spotting some dolphins.  

3.Sunday farmers markets at Ballina.

This lovely little market is located at the Ballina river and a great place to buy fresh local produce. It is also a perfect spot to enjoy live music and lay on the grass to soak up the sun.

4.Saturday night bowling.

Take your mates to Tenpin Bowling in Ballina and show off your bowling skills.. Every Saturday night, they have a $20 special for 3hours including a drink.  

5.Climbing Wollumbin-Mount Warning.

On top of Mt Warning you have a 360 degree view of theTweed Range in the Northern Rivers . Mount Warning is the highest point in the region and this is where the sun first hits mainland Australia. 

6.A night walk to the Glow Worm Cave.

It might sound strange to walk in the dark but only then the real wonders of the caves can be discovered. Glow Worms require permanently moist habitats for their survival and therefore dependent on the rainforests and wet caves. Make sure you visit our very own Glow Worm Cave in Ballina. 

7.A day at the Natural Bridge at Springbrook National Park.

If you can’t get enough of Glow Worms, go and visit the Natural Bridge at Springwood. After you have seen the bridge and the cave by day you then could have a bbq at Bochow Park and have a swim in the nearby river. This river is also the habitat of plenty of water turtles. Can you spot them?

8.Beach day and walk at Broken Head Nature Reserve.

The Broken Head Nature reserve is located a little before Suffolk Park. It combines sandy beaches and rainforest walks. It’s an easy walk for the whole family. 

9.Kayaking on the Brunswick River.

Brunswick Heads is a wonderful place to spend the day. It offers shops for vintage lovers and a wide range of food. The Brunswick river offers one of the best kayaking experiences in the region. Highly recommended. 

10.Op-shopping in Ballina.

Ballina has 9 op shops on River street and also located in the small alleys around the town center. Definitely worth spending your Saturday morning to discover some very unique treasures. 

Ballina is striving to be a popular holiday destination and we have seen more and more tourists visiting and staying overnight. We have plenty of water sides, beautiful beaches, delightful riverfronts and a waterslide (HA HA needed to be mentioned). During whale-watching season, the Ballina coastline is great for spotting whales. Make sure to come and visit the Ballina Shire on your next holiday.

The Ballina Shire Ambassador Program is for locals or for someone who recently moved to the area. You just need to be passionate about where you live. The program has operated for the past seven years and many volunteers are a part of the team. The diversity of volunteers is incredible and everyone has another story to be told. When you are the next time at the Visitor Information Centre or at the Ballina Byron Gateway Airport it might be worth asking the Ambassador why they are volunteering for the Ballina Shire. Surely, you will hear some amazing stories.

Four Drunk Parrots are located in the heart of the Ballina Shire. We are surrounded by a beautiful landscape, filled with bird songs and cow screams. We love our office in Teven 🙂 

I’d love to see more travellers come to Ballina Shire to explore its beauty and treasures!

Our Parrot Sandra