AI Marketing Predictions: What to Expect

Artificial intelligence has taken over the world so we have summarised the latest AI Marketing Predictions and what to expect. While we’re far from computers coming to life, we can expect a lot more to happen in 2020 and beyond.

Currently, AI is mainly used to get the job done. It helps marketers write better, scale faster, and mirror or find audiences. But, that’s not all AI will be used for in the future:

Here are some AI marketing predictions highlighting what to expect:


  • Become a Larger Part of the Industry


AI is already being used heavily by tech startups and big corporations, but a large number of small firms still stay away from using AI due to the costs and technicalities involved.

However, with companies now spending more on AI and realising that they cannot compete against others without the assistance of AI, we can expect the technology to become a larger part of the industry.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Guide also appears to support this belief. According to the report, spending on AI will reach the $97.9 billion mark in 2023, more than 2.5 times of the numbers reported in 2019 – $37.5 billion.


  • Will Help Websites Rank Better


AI can automate many time-consuming tasks and make SEO cheaper. Experts believe that AI will allow us to automatically connect pages, optimise mobile sites, and fix duplicate content.

AI isn’t presently used heavily in SEO but some small firms like Campbell appear to be making use of it to perform tasks such as compress images, find and select keywords, etc.

SEO is a very competitive industry and companies are willing to shell thousands to get their page ranked well. With AI, marketers are able to get results faster by performing tasks that may not be possible without the help of a machine.


  • Improve Personalisation Efforts


Today’s customers want personalisation, whether they’re shopping online or speaking to a customer service representative about their issues.

According to this report, about 64 percent of consumers expect personalised experiences throughout their journey. Back in the day, it was extremely difficult, time-consuming, and costly to create a personalised experience. However, now thanks to AI, it has become possible to offer personalisation.

AI helps customers find what they need at every stage of the buying process. At the end of the day, it should be about buyers and not about marketers. 

Brands are already using tools that help send emails with personalised information including names and contact details. 

Customers receive emails based on their buying preferences and previous history. Such tools are often expensive but worth a try since personalisation helps increase loyalty and win more clients.

About 75 percent of businesses and 79 percent of retailers report higher profits from personalisation.


  • Help Create More Engagement


AI helps marketers collect and analyse data to understand what works and what doesn’t. This information allows marketers to come up with campaigns that offer more engagement and a higher return on investment.

This is very important because marketers use a variety of mediums and techniques to reach a wider audience but not all of them offer the same returns. 

AI can determine the most profitable channel by creating buyer profiles and providing reliable numbers.