Why did I do an internship at Four Drunk Parrots?

I have been studying social and cultural Anthropology in Vienna. For three years I am traveling and jobbing around the world and I finally also recognised the need for upskilling myself to understand the marketing and social media world on a professional level. Especially as I am a creative creator and musician, I wanted to understand the ways social media can help to succeed faster with business and grow your audience following a plan. Understanding social media is a step into the future of communicating and building bridges or simply, to make your own products visible to the target audience.

What did I learn during my internship at Four Drunk Parrots?

I thought I already knew stuff, but Sonja and her team taught me differently. The internship curriculum is tough but jam-packed with amazing marketing assignments. There’s no sugar coating, that’s for sure! 

But you are not doing an internship to get it easy. 

I had a daily challenge by learning how to work with different programs as Meet Edgar and creating an editorial calendar for a month. I loved working with Canva and create the design for ads and blog posts. 

Facebook Business Manager was challenging, as you really have to understand the different types of ads and how you work with selected promoted posts, pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, etc. 

Active Campaign gave me more insights about what is happening behind a website and how to build new information systems and analyse email marketing campaigns as well as how to create a great newsletter. 

I learned how to use Google Analytics and goal tracking in Google Tag Manager, WordPress to implement new blog posts and toolkits, Slack for the team communication and to-do lists as well as Asana for project and task management. Lastly, I did my social media HubSpot certificate to understand the foundation behind social media marketing.

I really loved the diversity of creative content production while learning how to use new programs, set ads, do goal tracking, create newsletters and blog posts. To dive deeper, I needed to get the HubSpot certificate, and I happily made it on the first day of my second week. There will be tasks who might take longer as they should, it can be quite a time consuming to get all the creative content together if your aim is to produce high-quality posts. But it was so worth it to try getting the best out of everything. It actually made me understand how to create quality in half of the time. 🙂

How was my time at 4DP?

I had a big learning curve on a weekly base. I really loved getting to work. Sonja and her team are high achievers and super lovely humans. They not just listen to your questions and give you helpful comments, they bring the family vibe in the office. I never felt pressure from their side, it was a very balanced working environment. I hope I can work in a place like the office of Four Drunk Parrots in the future. They give you wings to fly, teach you confidence and help you find your passions and strength.

Why I highly recommend Four Drunk Parrot’s internship agenda?

There is no better thing as having a great, inspiring CEO. I did not only get an amazing workflow from Sonja. She checked on me every day and I sincerly enjoyed how we communicated. Whenever needed she would follow up and tell me where to do more or correct things. The right structure gave me space to get confident in what I did and learned at the same time. You work harder and with the extra portion of passion if your boss is a person who supports being the best version of yourself.


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