Writer Opportunity (Contractor)

Four Drunk Parrots is seeking to contract a Writer/Designer for 5-10 hours/week on a month-to-month basis.

This is a virtual position, though applicants located near our headquarters of Byron Bay are
welcome to apply with the potential to conduct some work in-person, if desired/ideal.

How to Apply

To be considered for the position, submit cover letter, resume/CV and writing/portfolio samples
online via this application form. Submission reviews will begin March 27th and will continue until
the needs are filled.

    Time & Rate

    5-10 hours/week structured as a month-to-month contract with the possibility to extend into a
    longer-term commitment. Rate range is $20-40/hour depending on experience.

      Technical Capabilities

      ● Ability to read and understand research reports required

      ● Experience in writing across different industries

      ● Experience designing graphics and visuals that are engaging and consistent with an
      organisation’s branding preferred

      Professional Capabilities

      ● Strength in managing complex projects, setting and meeting deadlines, working collaboratively, managing client expectations, and maintaining project documentation
      and folders

      ● A persuasive and confident approach to content

      ● Strong communication and interpersonal skills, including confidence in participating in virtual meetings (Note: This contractor will likely only interface with the Four Drunk Parrots’ Content team and not necessarily Four Drunk Parrots’ clients).

      ● Exceptional ability to listen, glean key takeaways, and craft narratives from the insights
      of experts across multiple disciplines

      ● Apply trends and best practices in professional writing and graphic and document design

      ● Agility to accept critical feedback and make revisions based on internal and client

      ● Ability to work independently and virtually



      ● Perform research, writing, and design tasks within necessary timeframes

      ● Make revisions based on client and internal feedback

      ● Work and revise on fast turnarounds and aggressive deadlines 


       ● In-depth knowledge of writing and preferably some graphic/document design

      ● Comfort with technical jargon and the use of discipline-specific tools and language

      ● Previous working experience as part of a virtual team with online collaboration

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