Why You Should Be Using the New Insta Poll

Why do we love the Instagram Stories feature? Lots of reasons! For one thing, over 200 million people are using this every day, which means lots of eyes on YOU! It’s also discover-able, meaning that everyone can see it, not just your followers. Insta Stories are great for engagement and are a whole heap of fun too, so if you aren’t already, you should definitely be using stories! Recently Instagram announced an exciting new feature within Stories—Polls, an interactive poll sticker that is rapidly gaining traction with users. The poll sticker lets you ask a question and measure real-time results from friends or followers as they vote.

To use the polls feature, simply select the ‘poll’ sticker after you’ve taken a photo or video for your story and place it anywhere on the screen. Then you can write a question and customise two answer options for followers to choose. Share the poll, then kick back and wait for the results to roll in. Swipe open to the viewers list for that part of your story, to view who voted and see the selection they made.

Benefits of Instagram Polls

Think of all the ways this could benefit you as a business? Rather than sending out those stuffy old online forms to take a survey, you can get snappy results to questions you may have about your products and services. Travelling overseas to select stock but unsure which product you think will sell best? At the factory trying to decide which colour or fabric to use for something you’re producing? Perhaps you’re a travel blogger trying to decide which location to visit next? Or a food blogger working out which recipe to post? All of these things can be assessed by your audience, and as a bonus it becomes interactive in the process, so it’s winning all round.

A couple of pointers when using Polls. Don’t forget that it only lasts 24 hours as with all the Insta Stories, and they’re not anonymous, so be cautious with posting sensitive questions that may be awkward for your followers. Make it fun!