Why You Should Advance Your Accounting Firm with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for accounting practices begins with understanding. You can’t market your services to potential clients unless you know who they are and can align your services with their needs.

The optimum way (and by far the cheapest method) to gain new clients is to use your existing client base to recommend your firm and services to their peers, colleagues and client base.

Ideally, you will create a plan if you want to engage with prospects with the objective of gaining new clients.

A plan should be tied into your business plan to ensure that enough funding, resources and time can be committed to this cornerstone of your firms’ growth.

The marketing plan should take into consideration your Unique Selling Point (USP). Ask yourself why a prospect should appoint you and not a competitor? What sets your practice apart from other accounting firms?

If you want to supplement your marketing activities and make them measurable, then the way forward is to use an omni-channel marketing strategy. Meeting potential clients at places (platforms) where they invest their time, providing useful information will draw them to your brand and services. It can take up to seven interactions before a prospect converts to a client.

What are the components of a digital marketing plan for accounting practices ? You will need to consider: 

Market Offering – what exactly are you selling? Knowing how your services have provided value to your customers previously is a great place to start. Are you a full-service accounting practice or do you specialise in a region, offer a niche service like setting up specific industries. Being able to present this market offering to those who are most likely to need your services is key to attracting interest with simple language using the correct distribution channel for this message to get heard.

Business Persona’s need to be fleshed out to establish what your ideal customer profile looks like. This exercise will dictate how you will be able to reach as many potential clients by attributing to their profile their industry, background, demographic, age and get to know where they like to be seen. If your clients below to specific region or industry group then it makes sense to approach them via these localised channels. If however, your potential clients are only available on the internet then it would be best to run a digital campaign.

SWOT Analysis – Be aware of your business risks and opportunities. Draw up a detailed and honest analysis of your firm. What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Be clear on what would be a bump in the road and which threat could cause you harm.

Goal setting and Resource Allocation is your key to success!

If you don’t know what it is you want to achieve within a specific time frame with the resources you have budgeted for, then it all becomes too difficult. Setting realistic time frames aligning with milestones so your marketing campaigns can be measured against is imperative to your marketing plan success. 

Now that you have a marketing plan – let us explain why accounting practices are a good fit for using Social Media marketing as their marketing distribution channels in this blog.

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