Why SEO is important for business – 7 Most Common Questions

The internet has clearly taken over the world, and its importance among individuals and businesses is increasing at a rapid speed. The internet in today’s world acts as a virtual place where interaction between potential buyers (individuals) and sellers (companies) takes place on a frequent basis. And while the competition among businesses is at an all-time high, every company tries to dominate their presence on the internet. This article might help explain why SEO is important for business still.

Here are the answers to the 7 most common questions we get asked about SEO:

  • Are Businesses Still Focusing on SEO?

To be honest, the appearance of social media and paid searches has lessened the importance of SEO compared to a decade ago. However, businesses prevailing today emphasise SEO because it can help in targeting customers who are pretty unclear about their purchases. SEO can help businesses to attract prospects and influence them with their products  or services. On the other hand, if we consider a paid campaign, it is driven more towards customers who have a clear idea of what to buy and/or from where to buy.

Why SEO is important to Business


While it’s true that social media has become a better source of traffic, studies show that search engines are becoming dominant. It is pretty clear that even today businesses have a very positive attitude towards SEO and they are putting a lot of effort into making the most out of it.

  • What is the difference between SEO and Content Marketing?

There is confusion among people that both SEO and content marketing is the same thing. However, in reality, they are only interrelated to one another. The basic motive of the SEO is to optimise both the website pages and the content so that they can rank high on search pages. The search engine optimisation can only happen if there’s some sort of content that needs optimisation. But on the other hand content marketing cannot work optimally without SEO. No matter how compelling and informative the content may be, if there’s no SEO, it cannot reach the prospects or customers who it was written for in the first place.

  • What Makes On-Page SEO different from Off-Page SEO?

The on-page and off-page formulate the two primary categories of search engine optimisation. Both of them are equally important when it comes to the overall effectiveness of search engine optimisation. The basic intent of the on-page SEO is to optimise the pages and the content so that they can be easily accessed by the search engines. There are numerous tasks within on-page SEO that include optimisation of page titles, interlinking within the pages, improving the content structure, keyword placement, and URL optimisation. On the contrary, the off-page SEO relates itself with activities that create a positive impact on a website but from the outside. The key off-page tasks include citations, third-party links, and inbound links.

  • Is Link Building the Core of SEO?

The answer to this question is a big no. There are so many things within SEO and link building is just a small part of it. Whenever someone searches something on the web, there are hundreds of factors that are put into consideration before the search engine displays the results. The link building process is important for web pages to land at higher result pages but it certainly is not the deciding factor. In fact, Google uses a very advanced search algorithm for generating the search results and the mere links that point to a website are clearly not enough.

Why SEO is important to Business

  • Among SEO and PPC, Which One is better?

Frankly speaking, the comparison between the two is irrelevant as SEO and PPC serve different purposes. One of the major differences between the two is that of the lead generation. As discussed in the starting of this blog, the main intent of the search engine optimisation is to generate traffic of customers that are in the initial stage of buying process whereas, the PPC (pay-per-click) campaign target customers who are almost ready to make a purchase.

  • Can SEO and PPC be used in Conjunction with One Another?

For businesses, it is important to attract potential customers and ultimately make a sale. By utilising SEO, businesses try to attract customers when they are researching a product or a service. Whereas, the paid advertisements comes into play when the customer shows a more strong intent of buying the product. Thus, one can perceive the combination of SEO and PPC as a process that can secure the potential customers, inform them about the product they are searching for, and persuade them to buy the product.

  • SEO is Cheap, Correct?

No, SEO is definitely not among the cheap marketing strategies. Usually, the cost involved in SEO depends upon how quickly the results are required. If a business wants to reap benefits from SEO at the earliest then a highly intense data-driven research is required and this will definitely shoot up the associated costs. However, every business should first look for opportunities and then decide whether they want to invest significantly in SEO or not. It is important to identify the content that the business requires, the competition and time period within which the outcome is desired.

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