Why Journey Analytics is Essential for Strengthening Customer Relationships

Building healthy relationships with customers is very important for a business to grow and survive in the long-run. If a customer trusts a brand then it is most likely that the customer is going to be loyal to that brand. The relationship between a business and a customer is almost like relationships between humans. It is a fact that positive experiences make a relationship stronger and it becomes hard for the relationship to end over small differences. The same thing applies to the customer-brand relationship. There is a greater possibility for a customer to ignore the small mistakes or things they don’t like about a brand if he/she shares a good bond.

This signifies how essential it is for businesses to develop high levels of trust with customers over time. A loyal customer base is one of the key factors that decide the future of a business. We, at Four Drunk Parrots, know that reviewing the journey analytics of each customer is important to strengthen their relationship with the particular business they are dealing with.

Taking the example of a retail seller, he should not restrict himself getting information only about the experiences of customers visiting his shop and making a purchase. He should also know how the customers are getting information about his products and how they are directed to his shop It is also essential to have a clear idea about the different channels that customers are using to buy products/services, their satisfaction with the products/services, and their feelings about resolutions of issues they may have encountered.

Four Drunk Parrots is well-versed in assisting businesses to build customer loyalty across different channels and also excels in providing a complete view of the journeys of shoppers. Plus  Four Drunk Parrots also specializes in tracking the journey analytics of an individual customer with a system that stores information about each activity performed by the customer. As a result, businesses can analyze the journey of each individual customer from multiple dimensions using different data that may be:

  • Profile data (age, income range, loyalty status, etc.)
  • Touchpoint data (mapping customer identity across channels, whether the interaction is human, automated, online or offline)
  • Feedback data (sentiment and recording of non-responses)
  • Operational data (number of visits to the store, transaction value, etc.)

The prime benefit of accessing the data of each customer across all the channels along with the operational data and feedback is that a business can get a true representation of the journeys of his or her customers. Consequently, by using the representations, it becomes easier for businesses to sort the customers who need action and what the action is that needs to be taken. In addition, a business can elevate the individual experiences of customers and build stronger relationships.

Apart from focusing on the individual journeys of customers, businesses can also focus on discovering and identifying certain patterns in customer journeys. The customers can be divided into different segments where each segment includes customers with similar experiences or traits. A business can take different approaches for each segment and augment the overall brand experience for their particular customers.

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