Why Email marketing is a game changer for accountants

Many accountants will tell you that getting new clients is the lifeblood of their business, but it’s getting harder every year to compete in this overly flooded digital world. The proactive accounting firms are focusing more of their time on HELPING their clients, instead of FINDING them. After all, that’s why you got into this business, isn’t it? You want to help your clients save money, make money and track where their money is going.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness, and build trust within not only your existing client base but the wider network. Regular informative and helpful emails, financial news, tips, and trends with your own personal editorial builds confidence in your expertise. Seasonal reminders will spur your clients into action, and incentives for referrals and reviews can boost your client loyalty.

So why use email marketing over regular social media, you might ask? Even though you might think social media has a larger audience reach, there are multiple algorithms standing between your message and your audience. But when you send an email, at least 90% of all messages will arrive in the recipient’s inbox.

Also, with social media, you are promoting to a wide variety of people who may not be in your area or need your service, whereas your email subscriber has given you permission to contact them. You have already touched base with them in some format, meaning your message will be much more effective.

So how do you get a list of email addresses?

Apart from adding your existing clients to your list, another way is to create a lead magnet on your website or social media. By offering high-quality content, simple how to’s, easy to use templates, and helpful tips, your visitors will be happy to provide you with their email in order to gain access to these helpful emails.

Once you start building your list, be sure to segment the email database, making sure that you are able to tailor different messages to your existing clients, than you do to your leads. The key to keeping your clients interested is to make your emails as personal and relevant as possible.

So what do you send your email list?

Having quality content is very important, as it’s all about adding value and building a relationship with your reader, beyond that of the reminders, invoices, tax returns and thank yous. Some examples of things you can add to your email marketing are:


  • commonly asked client questions and concerns
  • interesting professional articles
  • current financial news and trends
  • events and workshops
  • case studies to showcase your skills, experience and services

Include a call to action
While on the surface your emails may have the appearance of helping and providing information, at the end of the day, they are still a marketing tool to grow your accounting firm. Without a call to action button or link in the email, you’re not letting the reader know what you would like them to do. Be clear and concise, but ask them to download a link, visit your website, sign up or participate in something.
Email marketing is still the marketer’s secret weapon. Make sure you are using your email marketing capacities beyond sending annual tax returns.

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