Where to Buy your Domain: GoDaddy vs Melbourne IT vs Crazydomains

There are many places to buy domain names, but not all of them are created equal. Three of the most popular places (in Australia) are GoDaddy, Melbourne IT, and Crazydomains. All of these companies offer a variety of services, including domain name registration, web hosting, and email hosting.

GoDaddy is one of the largest and most popular domain registrars in the world. Their user-friendly website makes it easy to find and purchase domain names. They also offer a wide variety of related services, such as web hosting, email hosting, and website building tools.

Melbourne IT provides a complete portfolio of cloud-based technology services, including domain name services and web hosting. You can easily search for the perfect domain name for your business or personal website using their handy search tool.

Another option for buying domain names is Crazydomains. This company is popular due to their low prices and reliable customer support. They also offer a large selection of domain name extensions, which can be helpful if you’re trying to register certain types of domains (like brand names or country-specific domains).

What is DNS and why does it matter?

The first type of hosting you purchase is (Domain Name System) DNS hosting – engaging a provider to host and store your DNS records so that they can propagate around the internet, usually this is done when registering your domain.

DNS records are like an address book for your domain. These are queried by any server that needs to send information to your domain. Some of the records are simple, for example:

  • An “A” record might direct all web based traffic for your domain to a specific server IP address
  • An “MX” will tell all your email traffic where to go
  • “TXT” records can make your mail secure or verify your domain with Google or Facebook

Be careful when purchasing DNS hosting that has restrictions. Many providers will try to restrict the number of changes you can make per month, or the quantity or type of records. This can become a costly inconvenience if you are trying to launch new services or change your business processes.

If you go the route of engaging a trusted partner to manage your website, it is important to build some protection to your account. Some domain providers (like GoDaddy) provide the ability to delegate access to your account without sharing your username or password. This is great when you need to buy products like a domain or a domain aftermarket for your account.

GoDaddy vs Melbourne IT vs Crazydomains

Let’s compare them to help you decide which one is best for your needs:

From these options, GoDaddy trumps in most features and offers so much more in terms of accessibility and efficiency that other providers don’t offer. Plus, their prices are unbeatable. GoDaddy is also one of the most popular domain registrars in the world, with more than 18 million customers. They are known for their low prices, easy-to-use tools, and outstanding customer support.

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Still undecided? Here are our developers’ top tips to consider:

  • Don’t buy your domain from someone who is buying it off someone else. About 99% of the businesses offering domain registration are just reselling domains for one one the big players. At 4DP, we spend a lot of time helping customers detach their domain from a reseller account so that they can have full control of it.
  • Segregate your services. Godaddy is great for domain registration and DNS management, but there may be better solutions out there for your web and email hosting.
  • Consider a free DNS host. Stuck with a difficult domain registrar? Consider moving your DNS management to a free DNS manager host like Cloudflare.

Now that you know where to buy domain names and some features to look out for and consider, it’s time to get started on finding your perfect fit!