What You Need to Know About the New LinkedIn AI

New LinkedIn AI Legitimises Your Content Marketing Strategy

The reality is that the human audience for content has declined and this trajectory is likely to continue as the continual drive to push out content exists in the cyberspace. Impressions are dwindling as increasingly oppressive algorithms are limiting organic reach. Click-bait titles have become commonplace and off-putting to consumers.

Enter AI.

AI continues to be a defining force in our lives and business and with computer scientists predicting that by 2029, AI could be meeting (or even exceeding?) the human level of intelligence.

There have been significant fears that AI could either kill or take over content marketing, but at this stage, there has been no noticeable loss of jobs and in a wonderful twist of fate, the relevance of content marketing has come full circle with the ever-increasing intelligence of A.I. involved.

AI is capable of reading thousands of blogs per second and the content in a highly sophisticated manner. And its findings are being successfully to influence consumers in a way that has never before been seen.

LinkedIn has thoroughly embraced the trend by implementing new strategies in its interface to streamline and power up the way users are introduced to content and increase intuitive reach. With these measures in place, those who have produced an abundance of industry-specific content will be positioned as experts in their field and the number of impressions will become less relevant because content will be effectively delivered to the most appropriate audience each and every time.

Welcome AI LinkedIn

If you’re eager position yourself as a thought leader and guru in your chosen field then thanks to new LinkedIn AI developments you can make it happen by artfully wielding the already well-established content marketing approach.

AI will read the endorsements you have on your profile to establish what interests and skills you have. Based on these tags, you will be shown certain types of content. Vice versa, if you have been endorsed for a certain skill many times by your peers, AI will your expert knowledge and also feature your articles, thoughts, and posts accordingly.

Just a few short years ago, the online world was buzzing with the concept of ‘content shock’. Marketers were making dramatic claims that content marketing would not be a sustainable strategy for business due to the exponential and continual crowding of online content.

AI will find the perfect audience but also filter good from bad content

Our content will be scrolled, screen and segmented. Click-baits and spun articles will be given less relevance and impressions than the content that we writers have put blood, sweat, and tears into. I’ll forecast that while everyone seems to be obsessed with social ads now, we will actually go full circle and another age of content marketing will begin. This time, AI will help us deciding good sources from the bad and find articles worthwhile reading.