What Exactly is an Inbound Marketing Agency

Inbound marketing is a strategic way to bring customers to you. You grow your business by providing valuable content. Unlike outbound, you attract your customers instead of interrupting them. 

Simply put,  is a better way to grow. In a world of interruptions, customers will stick to the ones that empower them. 

Inbound is the darling of a marketplace. Customers love going here because the marketers understand them. Marketers who embrace this idea are not interruptive. Instead, they know their customers’ needs and pains. They offer needs-based solutions. They guide them in their buyer’s journey. 

As a business owner, you know what’s inbound marketing and why it’s important. But you’re most likely split whether to focus on it or focus on business development. 

You may be asking questions like: Should I hire an agency to maximize the benefits of inbound? Should I focus on my core offerings rather than marketing? What is exactly an inbound marketing agency? What can it do for my business?

What is Inbound Marketing Agency?

It is an organization growing your business by attracting customers. It actively uses inbound marketing to position yourself as a market’s attraction.

You may have associated HubSpot with Inbound. It’s common to link these two. But HubSpot and an Inbound Marketing Agency are two different things. HubSpot is a company that primarily provides inbound marketing tools, training, and services. An Agency offers inbound services too. But an Agency may use HubSpot products both for themselves and their clients.

Why do I need one?

How do you know it’s time to hire an inbound agency? You may not have the luxury of time to recruit, train, test and track inbound marketers. Added to that, you need to have a good grasp of SEO, website tools, content creation, and social media.

With an inbound marketing agency, you can devote your time in developing your offerings. You leverage an Agency’s expertise while focusing on what you’re good at. 

What services do they offer?

An Inbound Marketing Agency offers services that attract, engage and delight your clients. It also helps you set goals and optimize processes to ensure higher ROI. Services include:

HubSpot Inbound Marketing
This service means working with HubSpot tools to provide inbound services. HubSpot offers inbound tools and a wealth of resources. An agency uses these HubSpot tools to increase your traffic, generate leads and get customers. Some specific services include CRM set-up, contacts management, deals management, email marketing, automation, and managing customer conversations. 

Blogging and Content Marketing
Content is always king. High-quality content puts your business as an authority over a certain topic. It causes you to rank higher in search engines. Higher traffic means more customers seeing you as a solution to their problems. Content marketing includes content auditing, formatting, editing, scheduling, SEO and more. By investing in this, you’d enjoy sustained traffic, more leads and higher ROI. 

Brand Identity Services
A brand is everything today. It’s the impression that customers feel about your business. Proper brand identity helps you reach and retain your target audience. Your brand helps you manage expectations. It makes you easily get identified across all your marketing channels. An agency helps you create a consistent brand identity to stand out from the rest. 

SEO and Online Reputation Management
Getting on top of search results means more traffic. By ranking higher on your keywords, you have a higher chance to get customers. This is why SEO is very important. SEO work focuses on making sure that people and search engines love your business site. 

To sum up, an Inbound Marketing Agency offers multiple inbound services. It helps save you time and grow your business. You leverage its team’s expertise while you can devote more time to doing what you love and what you’re good at. 

Doing all these inbound marketing by yourself may decrease your concentration. You may not need to sacrifice your product quality in exchange for doing inbound marketing alone. We are here to make your life simpler. Contact us for a free consultation.