The digital revolution is definitely here, and here to stay for a while. Now we are starting to see the effects of this on human beings, and how our business and social interactions are changing. As we become more and more reliant on technology each and every day it is sometimes hard to remember we aren’t all robots and that there are still human beings on the other side of your screen.

We use technology for almost everything now from controlling our energy usage to arranging casual hook ups. So the big question is – how do we stay human when so much of the way we interact and consume is so very digital now?

One very obvious change within the workspace is how remote we have become. Many employees, contractors and clients now meet over Zoom, Skype or something similar. How do you create that rapport over video conferencing that we used to be able to do in person. Well, here at 4DP we believe you can do it and it’s basically the same skills just honed slightly differently. Remember people still appreciate a smile and to feel included. Though we know it’s obviously a little awkward for most people seeing their little face in the corner of the screen – but just realize almost everyone else feels exactly the same. Once you get used to the different approach this form of communication is an extremely powerful timesaving tool. Just keep in mind to take the same approach you would at any face to face meeting

Emails, Skype or Slack messaging are now the prevailing way to communicate with your colleagues, employees and clients. Which makes reading and writing a clear email quite a skillset today. Basically the same social rules apply with a few nuances – the most obvious one is CAPITALS MEAN YOU ARE SHOUTING – so don’t do that unless you really want to make a serious point. People can’t make assumptions on your appearance so they are likely going to make it on your correspondence – watch for typo’s, spell someone’s name correctly, and use the same courtesy you would in person. Greet them and make sure you say goodbye.

With the thousands of other interactions we take part in on a daily basis from how you present your business online to creating good social media content, ultimately technology was created by humans and it is humans who are using this technology. Meaning you want to create and present yourself as yourself (as the gorgeous human you are) online as well as offline.

It is possible we can do it – we just need to be a bit self aware and also aware of how we are utilising digital technologies to conduct business.

Our final advice on how to succeed in today’s world – where everything is changing at a million miles an hour would be to still behave as you would in person – the societal rules didn’t change, just the way we digest and provide information. Even through your emails, Facebook messages etc, etc other people still want to feel some sort of connection and to know there is a human behind the screen on the other end – so don’t be a robot and show us a bit of the you that makes you – you.

If you found this interesting watch Douglas Rushkoff who gives a great Ted Talk “How to be on Team Human in the digital age here: https://www.ted.com/talks/douglas_rushkoff_how_to_be_team_human_in_the_digital_future#t-437172

Or if you would like to see how 4DP could help keep your communications Human in today’s era – get in touch!

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