Stylish, User Friendly Web Design Northern Rivers

Have you decided that your business needs a website, or do you want to bring your current one into 2019. How do you decide on a website developer to help you create the perfect website for your business? Well if you are looking for web design in the Northern Rivers we can help alleviate some of the confusion around what you need.


Firstly let’s work out what are the most important and essential features of good website design. Number one is definitely usability – that goes for you the business owner or your staff which is sometimes neglected with so much emphasis put on the User Experience of the customer.

Not to say the user experience of your customer isn’t important – this is probably equally if not slightly more important but if you can’t use and access your own website without the help of a developer then it will cost you a lot more in the long run. You will need to update details on your site and also add pages or blog posts on a regular basis so having a complicated backend may make this difficult.

User Experience

Moving onto the User Experience which ties at first place for importance. You definitely want to create a simple and streamlined experience for your user. If they come up against a difficult purchase journey they are going to back out way before they get to completing a sale with you. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN this out – have we emphasized planning enough as an essential step in the customer journey? Also, test this out yourself and have other friends or employees do this for you too. You can find out more information about the User Journey here: . You want to choose a web design company who not only focuses on style and how your site looks but understands what your unique customer journey is.


You want people to know your personality and what you are representing. Make sure when choosing a business for web design Byron Bay to web design Lismore or anywhere else in Australia, that they get your business and who you are before you begin the design process.

Goals and Purpose

What is your website’s purpose? Is it to sell products, raise awareness of your brand, a touchpoint to direct traffic. Work this out first so you can create the perfect functionality for your people. It’s far easier working this core goal early on in the process than having to add on additional features down the track.

OmniChannel Marketing

What does Omni Channel even mean? In today’s world we have so many different channels to communicate with people, so  we want to ensure all our channels or platforms work together and not against each other. When talking to someone about web development Byron Bay (or anywhere really) make sure they understand this. You want all your systems to be able to ‘talk’ and as simple as possible. To make this easier it’s good to take this into account at the beginning of the planning process and listing out all your different systems.  

For more information or to just chat about how this could be beneficial for your business get in touch with the team at 4DP today. As we are locally based we would love to meet in person to discuss exactly what it is that you need to make your business pop and work more effectively.