Want to Grow Your Email List? Try These 8 Proven Tricks

We know that email marketing is highly rewarding thanks to an ROI of over 4,000 percent and to grow one’s email list is high on the agenda for every marketer. However, not everyone gets such impressive results either because they do not know how to use email marketing or they do not have an impressive email list.

If you are struggling to build your email list then you’re not alone.  Most email lists degrade about 25 percent every year due to reasons such as dead domains and promotions.

To help you create a compelling email list, we have covered eight tips that work.

Let’s have a look:


#1 Give People a Chance to Sign Up

No one’s going to join your list if you don’t ask them to, so make sure to use CTAs to your advantage. Keep this in mind when writing blogs or creating content such as graphics and videos for your website or social media handles.

It’s important to create content that engages. Users will sign up if you offer something beneficial to them. At the end of the day, they need a reason to share their email IDs.


#2 Make it Easy

Make it easy for users to sign up and avoid asking personal details that are not relevant. Avoid asking for information such as phone numbers. In most cases, the email will be enough. You can find other information such as what the person bought or where he or she lives via cookies and other such techniques.


#3 Use an Email Verification Software

Doing so will ensure your email list is clean and there’s no clutter. You can find both paid and free email verification tools.


#4 Host Competitions or Giveaways

Everyone from big companies to startups uses this trick to build email lists. Users will be willing to share personal details – including more than just their email addresses – if you give them an opportunity to win something including a free sample of your product.

#5 Offer Discounts or Coupons

This is one of the most popular and effective ways to build an email list. Users are more likely to subscribe or sign up if it means getting their hands on something for free.


#6 Make Use of Social Media

You can add a contact or shop button on your social media handles so users can get in touch with you. This will give you access to their email addresses.


#7 Request Feedback

Buyers are usually willing to share feedback when they have a very positive or negative experience. They’ll have to give out their email when they leave feedback, which you can even share on your website in the form of testimonials or reviews.

Plus, you can offer special perks to motivate clients or visitors to leave feedback. This will not only help improve your business but also build your email list.


#8 Join Hands With an Influencer

Working with an influencer can be an easy way to grow your email list. They can help you promote your business and even offer some reliable email lists.

Use these tricks to build your email list. The key lies in promoting email lists and creating rich content.