Unsplash Unveils New Brand Partnerships

In the era of content creation, sourcing complimentary images for your copy and content is a key consideration. As a marketer, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Unsplash – an online repository of photos provided by contributors. The images are free to use, and they’re used widely by marketers and content creators everywhere. With Unsplash brand partnerships the game could change.

This means that Unsplash photos pop up everywhere, and this can provide a great platform for contributors and their work.

Now, Unsplash is collaborating with businesses in a program called Unsplash for Brands. As a result, the brands have the chance of also getting this exposure.

This new series of partnerships is aimed at providing widespread exposure to selected companies, who provide branded images aimed at brand goals. These images then appear promoted in Unsplash feeds and in relevant search results. The expected outcome is that the product images will be downloaded and used, to appear across the web in relevant content (such as blog posts) and help to shift brand perception.

Unsplash says this is something they’ve been working on since the beginning, and that it serves to reinforce their mission of providing a source of free, quality images for users and an income stream for contributors.

It means the Unsplash feed – and content everywhere that uses Unsplash images – will start featuring products like Harley Davidson, Timberland, Google Chromebooks, and Le Creuset (among others).

Unsplash for brands

We’re excited to see this innovation from Unsplash, and an approach that means contributors and content creators continue to benefit from their platform. It will be interesting to see whether the brands involved report a measurable impact and to track whether users of the platform adjust their behaviour.  

We’ll continue watching with interest!