Content Marketing – Different Types Of Content That Will Get You Noticed

We’ve all heard how important content marketing is. But what falls under the term content? The beauty of it is that it can basically be anything that you create, as long as it’s valuable for your customer. And the idea here is that the more creative, the better! We would like to help you out with your content strategy and ideas, but we can already give some ideas of what forms content can take:


Blogs have been important for a long time, and don’t only help you send out a message but are of huge value for Google rankings too. Blog posts can take different forms, ranging from tutorials to storytelling, depending on what fits your brand best.


Videos are probably one of the most important forms of content on the internet nowadays. Facebook values them highly, and it’s an ideal way to get your message send in a short time.


Offer your customer something extra with a podcast, especially if you want to share your knowledge with your customer in an easy and entertaining way. Catch tips on everything podcast from our friends at PodParrot.


Infographics are a great way to inform, teach, explain to your audience. Infographics are easy to share on social media and blog posts and can have a big reach if they are relevant. Canva is a great tool to create easy infographics yourself and gives you to option of adding your logo for branding.


Similar to podcasts, ebooks can help you get a more lengthier piece of content across. Offering free ebooks helps you to create sustainable relationships with your customers, and are a great way for getting them as leads.


Instagram feed of Animal Emergency Services

Instagram is a visual platform and helps you to contribute to your brand image and message. A coherent Instagram feed and engaging stories are a great way to get customers involved in your brand.


Similar to Instagram, Facebook is a great way to interact with your customer. Try to be as creative as possible and make sure you offer a good mix of information, entertainment (think of gifs and memes) and promotion.

Some other ideas for you to take away: quizzes, quotes, surveys, webinars, FAQ’s, cartoons, games, research, slideshows, predictions etc.

Whatever content you decide that would be most fitting for your organisation, the ultimate goal is to get your customers involved. Make sure there is always room for engagement and that you listen to what your customers have to say. Because if “content is king, conversation is queen.”

Let’s have a chat about how to tackle your content marketing strategy. Give the parrots a call or contact us here.