Tips to become Technologically Sustainable

Did you know that the way we use our phones or stream Netflix can impact climate change? While we can all recognise the effects of climate change on our lives, we often overlook how the technology we use everyday is also part of this problem. It is increasingly obvious that everyone needs to do their part in being technologically sustainable.

Image of a power plug with leaves instead of a cable.

One of the big questions we need to ask ourselves is whether the way we use technology today is sustainable in the long term. With the world becoming ever more technologically advanced, it’s important that we consider the future impact of our actions. For example, what will happen to the environment if we continue to use up resources at the current rate? Are we doing enough to recycle and reuse materials? What will be the consequences of relying too heavily on artificial intelligence? Asking ourselves these difficult questions now can help to ensure that we make choices that are technologically sustainable, and that will benefit both us and the planet in the long term.

If you want to take steps to use your technology more sustainably, here are a few tips:

  • Stream videos in standard definition: streaming videos in HD can use more energy and emit more carbon than streaming in standard resolution.
  • Turn off background video streaming from apps like Spotify can also help reduce your phone’s overall energy consumption, so choose these settings whenever available.
  • Buy refurbished & preloved phones and devices and keep your devices for as long as they are functional and repairable.
  • When choosing a mobile phone, see if the manufacturer talks about sustainability on their website. Look for energy saving features like efficient charging, durability, and last but not least, they should be easy and inexpensive to repair.

Technology is always evolving, and while the designs are improving and becoming more efficient, we still need to understand the way we use technology today will impact our future. Whether you are starting your journey to be more technologically sustainable, or you’re already well on your way, using sustainable practices when you use technology will help our planet.

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